Point of Shipment Sample Clauses

Point of Shipment. Title and risk of loss shall pass to Buyer upon Seller's delivery of Product purchased hereunder to carrier authorized by Buyer.
Point of Shipment. [...***...] UNQUOTE
Point of Shipment. All of the prices for the Products sold to the Distributor are the Manufacturer, ***, Russia. Title to the Products passes to the Distributor at the time of the issue of the Products with storehouse of the Manufacturer. The Distributor shall be responsible for the payment of all import arrangements including taxes, duties, import licenses and appropriate import documents. The Manufacturer shall be responsible for the payment of all export arrangements including taxes, duties, export licenses, and appropriate export documents.
Point of Shipment. Freight will be allowed up to 10% of order value on orders in excess of $4000(excluding free standing cabinets) to all points (with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii) within the United States and $1,000 USD to all points within Southern California ( Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County or 75 Mile radius from RXL Inc’s Manufacturing address. 609 Science Dr. Moorpark, Ca 93021) provided RXL selects the method and routing of the shipment. If the purchaser specifies a manner or routing of shipment different from that determined by RXL, we will comply but ship product freight collect Prices quoted provide for standard packing for domestic shipment only. Buyer agrees to pay the charges for special packing if it is required for domestic shipment or export shipment.

Related to Point of Shipment

  • Point of Sale The electric meter for each Participating Consumer’s account, as designated by the Local Distributor.

  • Point of Interconnection CLEC must establish a minimum of one POI within each LATA, at any technically feasible point, on Embarq’s network. In addition, CLEC shall establish additional POIs under the following circumstances:

  • Point of Contact Computershare shall designate a point of contact to coordinate and be accountable for the continued security of all Customer Confidential Information and related systems in Computershare’s possession or to which Computershare has access.

  • Point of Delivery The point of interconnection between NEPOOL Pool Transmission Facilities and the transmission facilities of the Local Distributor.

  • Single Point of Contact The Contractor must provide, at the request of the Authorized User, a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) regardless of the breadth of the services being provided. The Contractor is required to provide the name and contact telephone numbers (desk, cell phone etc.) of the SPOC. RETAINAGE The Authorized User may retain a percentage of each deliverable payment of no more than twenty-five (25) percent until the acceptance of the complete Implementation. This retainage may be reduced up to 5 percent as described in the SOW, when the Contractor substantially reduces the time required from the timeframes negotiated between the Authorized User and the Contractor. ENHANCEMENTS TO SERVICES When the right is reserved in the RFQ, unanticipated enhancements to the services procured not exceeding a cumulative twenty (20) percent of the Implementation Service cost may be agreed to by the Authorized User. Such inclusion must be included in the Total Cost Evaluation. Such unanticipated enhancements will require a written Authorized User Agreement revision, which for NYS Agency Authorized Users will include an amended Purchase Order. Any changes that will result in exceeding this twenty (20) percent will require a new competitive RFQ. Contractor shall notify the Authorized User in writing when a requested scope change will exceed the cumulative twenty (20) percent total value of the Implementation Services.

  • Dispatching CONTRACTOR shall provide qualified and trained personnel to: • Schedule and assign drivers and vehicles in accordance with the service hour schedules and scheduled trips for each day; • Assist drivers while they are in service to carry out the assigned trips on-time, providing address assistance and telephoning passengers as needed; • Monitor the performance of scheduled trips, reassigning trips and/or adjusting the number of vehicles in service as needed to ensure on-time performance in the most efficient manner; and, • Ensure that unanticipated service demands, passenger and vehicle accidents, other events and general service delivery are handled and performed in accordance with OoA policies and procedures. Dispatching staff are to be on-duty from the time the first SNEMT vehicle is in service until the last SNEMT vehicle is out of service. Dispatch staff will also ensure that: • All voice radio communications that pertain to SNEMT comply with FCC rules and regulations, and that regulations are enforced; • Average hold times on ride check calls are maintained at no more than two (2) minutes; and The OoA “no stranded passengers” policy is enforced.

  • Safety Glasses Section 1. The City shall supply prescription safety glasses with plastic lenses to employees who are required to wear safety glasses and who are members of the classifications contained in Appendix C to this contract. Safety glasses which are authorized must be industrial grade safety glasses which meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI Specification Z87.1. All employees who are required to wear safety glasses shall also be required to wear side shields, either permanent or snap-on, whenever an eye hazard exists. Solid tinted glasses will not be approved unless required by prescription. Photogray, progressive, scratch coating and/or anti-glare lenses may be considered for those employees who primarily work outdoors or as prescribed. In the event that additional classes are identified as needing either prescription safety glasses or protective eyewear, such classes may be added to the classification list in Appendix C upon approval of PAGE and the City.

  • System Timeout The system providing access to PHI COUNTY discloses to 11 CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or transmits on behalf of COUNTY 12 must provide an automatic timeout, requiring re-authentication of the user session after no more than 13 twenty (20) minutes of inactivity.

  • Shipments The Vendor shall ship, deliver or provide ordered products or services within a commercially reasonable time after the receipt of the order from the TIPS Member. If a delay in said delivery is anticipated, the Vendor shall notify TIPS Member as to why delivery is delayed and shall provide an estimated time for completion of the order. TIPS or the requesting entity may cancel the order if estimated delivery time is not acceptable or not as agreed by the parties.

  • Cost Responsibility for Interconnection Facilities and Distribution Upgrades 4.1 Interconnection Facilities 4.2 Distribution Upgrades