Place of Employment Sample Clauses

Place of Employment. The Employee will perform his duties under this Agreement at the Company’s offices in Houston, Texas, with the likelihood of substantial business travel.
Place of Employment. Regardless of the location of the executive offices of the Companies during the term of this agreement, the Companies shall maintain a suitably staffed office for the Executive in the Denver, Colorado, metropolitan area during the term of this agreement; and the Executive will not be required without his consent to relocate or transfer his executive office or principal residence from the immediate vicinity of the Denver, Colorado, metropolitan area.
Place of Employment. Employee shall render such duties at 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 and at such other places as Employer shall in good faith require or as the interest, needs, business, or opportunity of Employer shall require.
Place of Employment. Executive’s principal place of work shall be the main corporate office of the Company, currently located in Boise, Idaho; provided, however, that the location of the Company and any of its offices may be moved from time to time in the discretion of the Board.
Place of Employment. During the Extended Employment Period, the Executive's services shall be performed at the location where the Executive was employed immediately preceding the Extension Date or any office or location less than thirty-five (35) miles from such location.
Place of Employment. In connection with his employment by the Company, Executive shall not be required to relocate or move from his existing principal residence in Bay Village, Ohio, and shall not be required to perform services which would make the continuance of his principal residence in Bay Village, Ohio, unreasonably difficult or inconvenient for him. The Company shall give Executive at least six months' advance notice of any proposed relocation of its Medina, Ohio offices to a location more than 50 miles from Medina, Ohio and, if Executive in his sole discretion chooses to relocate his principal residence, the Company shall promptly pay (or reimburse him for) all reasonable relocation expenses (consistent with the Company's past practice for similarly situated senior executive officers) incurred by him relating to a change of his principal residence in connection with any such relocation of the Company's offices from Medina, Ohio.
Place of Employment. The Executive’s services shall be performed at such location or locations as Executive shall determine, in his sole discretion.
Place of Employment. Executive’s principal place of employment shall be at the administrative offices of the Bank.
Place of Employment. During the term of this Agreement, the Executive shall perform the services required by this Agreement at the Company's place of business in Charleston, South Carolina; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the Company may require the Executive to travel to other locations on the Company's business.