Phase in and Phase Out Sample Clauses

Phase in and Phase Out. 32.1 Phase In refers to the phasing in of the newly appointed contractor, and Phase Out refers to the phasing out of the Contractor.
Phase in and Phase Out 

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  • Commencement and Completion The Work shall commence on _______________, 20__ and shall be complete in accordance with this Agreement without delay on ______________, 20__. The term “day”, used throughout this Agreement, refers to calendar days. Contractor shall not be entitled to any additional compensation for any Permitted Delays. If this Agreement is not signed and returned to the Owner before any work commences, this Agreement will be considered as accepted as presented to the Contractor.


  • Development Phase contractual phase initiated with the approval of ANP for the Development Plan and which is extended during the Production Phase while investments in xxxxx, equipment, and facilities for the Production of Oil and Gas according to the Best Practices of the Oil Industry are required.

  • Commencement and Completion of Work Upon the Effective Date of the Contract, bidder agrees to commence all Preconstruction Activities. Upon issuance of a Proceed Order, bidder agrees to commence physical activities on the Site with adequate forces and equipment and to complete to Material Completion all work in 90 consecutive calendar days beginning the day after the date of the Proceed Order. Bid Bond. Enclosed herewith is a Bid Bond (NO OTHER FORM ACCEPTABLE) in the amount of Dollars ($ ) (being not less than five percent of the Bid). Bidder agrees that the above stated amount is the proper measure of liquidated damages that the Owner will sustain by bidder’s failure to execute the Contract or to furnish the Performance and Payment Bonds should bidder’s bid be accepted. Obligation of Bid Bond. If this bid is accepted within thirty-five days after the date set for the opening of bids and bidder fails to execute the Contract within ten days after Notice of Successful Bid, or if bidder fails to furnish both Performance and Payment Bonds, the obligation of the Bid Bond will remain in full force and effect and the money payable thereon shall be paid into the funds of the Owner as liquidated damages for such failure; otherwise, the obligations of the Bid Bond will be null and void. Bidder Certification Certification under Oath. Under oath I certify that I am a principal or other representative of the bidder, and that I am authorized by it to execute the foregoing bid on its behalf; and further, that I am a principal person of the bidder with management responsibility for the construction for the bidder, and as such I am personally knowledgeable of all its pertinent matters. I further certify that this bid is made without prior understanding, agreement, or connection with any corporation, firm, or person submitting a bid for the same services, materials, labor, supplies, or equipment and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud. Bidder and its principals understand that collusive bidding is a violation of state and federal law and can result in fines, prison sentences, and civil damage awards. Bidder agrees to abide by all conditions of this bid. BY: Authorized Signature (BLUE INK) Printed Name Title Sworn to and subscribed before me this Day of , 20 . Notary Public My commission expires:

  • Payments and Completion Payments may be withheld because of (1) defective work not remedied; (2) failure of contractor to make proper payments to subcontractors, workers, or suppliers; (3) persistent failure to carry out work in acceptance with this Agreement or these general conditions, or (4) legal claims. Final payment will be due after complete release of any and all liens arising out of the contract or submission of receipts or other evidence of payment covering all subcontractors or suppliers who could file such a lien. The contractor agrees to indemnify the Owner against such liens and will refund all monies including costs and reasonable attorney’s fees paid by the owner in discharging the liens. A 10 percent holdback is required by the lender to assure the work has been properly completed and there are no liens against the property. Owners Initials: Contractor’s Initials: -Continued on Page Three-

  • Construction Phase Services The Construction Phase shall be deemed to commence upon the date specified in a written Notice to Proceed issued by Owner after approval of the Guaranteed Maximum Price Proposal and shall continue until Final Completion of all Work. Pre-Construction Phase Services may overlap Construction Phase Services. Contractor shall not incur any Subcontractor costs for construction of the Project prior to issuance by Owner of written authorization to commence such Work. Contractor shall perform the following Construction Phase Services:

  • TIME OF COMMENCEMENT AND COMPLETION 2.1 The Contractor shall commence the Work upon the date established in the Notice to Proceed.

  • Pre-Commencement Phase Services The services required to be provided by the Contractor for the Pre- Commencement Phase of the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents.

  • Phase II A small portion of the work for the Phase II modifications to the Plattsburgh Substation will be performed by Transmission Owner, and the remainder will be performed by Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx. A detailed definition of the specific scope for Transmission Owner and Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx including interface points shall be defined during the design phase and, as such documents become available, copies will be delivered to the NYISO, Transmission Owner, Noble Altona Windpark, LLC and Marble River, LLC. The full scope includes the installation of wave traps, CCVT’s and modifications and/or additions to relaying on the MWP-1 and MWP- 2 lines. These lines will be reconfigured at the completion of Phase II to connect to Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx Substations on MWP-1 and the Xxxx Substation on MWP-2. Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx will design the upgrades and purchase the materials based on the outline specification that was prepared and issued by Transmission Owner. The work to be performed by Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx will include both the materials for the exterior and interior installations and items for Transmission Owner installation inside the control building in existing relay panels and communication racks. In addition, Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx will be responsible for the exterior and interior construction work and will provide construction management services in coordination with Transmission Owner. The civil design for the foundations and the electrical design for the cable runs to the control room will be designed by, as approved by Transmission Owner, and installed under the supervision and control of Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx. The equipment will be selected and procured in accordance with the specifications developed during the detailed engineering phase, copies of which shall be furnished to the NYISO, Transmission Owner, Noble Altona Windpark, LLC and Marble River, LLC. The construction of the foundations, structures, wave traps, CCTV and cable runs into the control building to the termination cabinets will be completed by Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx. The work at the Plattsburgh Substation will be installed under Transmission Owner’s CPP-1. Transmission Owner will provide Protection and Controls Engineering, install and terminate wiring from the termination cabinets to the control panels and relays, install relays and equipment in the existing panels, and will commission such work inside the 230kV control building. Transmission Owner will develop the communications protocols and data flow over the circuits.

  • Phases Contractor acknowledges and agrees the Project will progress in phases, in accordance with the Project Schedule. Contractor shall prepare, for Owner Parties’ review and approval, a separate Construction Schedule, for each phase. Each phase shall commence upon Owner Parties’ issuance of a Notice to Proceed for such phase and shall achieve Substantial Completion by the milestone dates set forth in the Contract Documents, including the Construction Schedule.