Personal Property in Sample Clauses

Personal Property in a Newly Acquired Principal Residence-Personal property in a newly acquired principal residence is not subject to the 10% or $2,500 limitation (as set forth in Coverage C, Section 3-While Away from the Insured Premises at Any Other Insured's Residence) for 30 days immediately after you begin to move the property to the new principal residence. This provision does not increase the Coverage C-Personal Property amount of insurance.

Related to Personal Property in

  • Personal Property The Company has delivered to IES an accurate list (which is set forth on Schedule 5.14) of (x) all personal property material to the operations of the Company included in "plant, property and equipment" on the balance sheet of the Company, (y) all other personal property owned by the Company with an individual value in excess of $2,500 (i) as of the Balance Sheet Date and (ii) acquired since the Balance Sheet Date and (z) all material leases and agreements in respect of personal property, including, in the case of each of (x), (y) and (z), (1) true, complete and correct copies of all such leases and (2) an indication as to which assets are currently owned, or were formerly owned, by Stockholders, relatives of Stockholders, or Affiliates of the Company. Except as set forth on Schedule 5.14, (i) all personal property material to, and used by, the Company in its business is either owned by the Company or leased by the Company pursuant to a lease included on Schedule 5.14, (ii) all of the personal property listed on Schedule 5.14 or replacement property thereof is in working order and condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted and (iii) all leases and agreements included on Schedule 5.14 are in full force and effect and constitute valid and binding agreements of the parties (and their successors) thereto in accordance with their respective terms.

  • Personal Property Leases Schedule 5.10 contains as of the date hereof a list of each lease or other agreement or right under which either Company is lessee of, or holds or operates, any machinery, equipment, vehicle or other tangible personal property owned by a third Person, except those which are terminable by the Companies without penalty on sixty (60) days' (or less) notice or which provide for annual rental payments of less than $25,000.

  • Real Property; Personal Property Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary owns any real property or holds any real property lease. The Company and its Subsidiaries have good title to all personal property, if any, owned by them, in each case, free and clear of all liens, security interests, pledges, charges, encumbrances, mortgages and defects, except as are disclosed in the Registration Statement, the General Disclosure Package and the Prospectus or as would not be reasonably expected to result, individually or in the aggregate, in a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Personal Property Insurance Tenant shall maintain in full force and effect on all of its personal property, furniture, furnishings, trade or business fixtures and equipment (collectively, “Tenant’s Property”) on the Premises, a policy or policies of fire and extended coverage insurance with standard coverage endorsement to the extent of the full replacement cost thereof. No such policy shall contain a deductible greater than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00). During the term of this Lease the proceeds from any such policy or policies of insurance shall be used for the repair or replacement of the fixtures and equipment so insured. Landlord shall have no interest in the insurance upon Tenant’s equipment and fixtures and will sign all documents reasonably necessary in connection with the settlement of any claim or loss by Tenant. Landlord will not carry insurance on Tenant’s possessions.

  • Personal Property Tax All personal property taxes will be paid by the Contractor.

  • Real Property Interests Except for the ownership, leasehold or other interests set forth on Schedule 6.23, LTC and its Subsidiaries have, as of the LTC Closing Date, no ownership, leasehold or other interest in real property.

  • Real Property; Leasehold Parent does not own any real property. Parent has made available to the Company (a) an accurate and complete list of all real properties with respect to which Parent directly or indirectly holds a valid leasehold interest as well as any other real estate that is in the possession of or leased by Parent, and (b) copies of all leases under which any such real property is possessed (the “Parent Real Estate Leases”), each of which is in full force and effect, with no existing material default thereunder. Parent’s use and operation of each such leased property conforms to all applicable Laws in all material respects, and Parent has exclusive possession of each such leased property and has not granted any occupancy rights to tenants or licensees with respect to such leased property. In addition, each such leased property is free and clear of all Encumbrances other than Permitted Encumbrances.