Permitted and Required Uses/Disclosures of PHI Sample Clauses

Permitted and Required Uses/Disclosures of PHI. 3.1 Except as limited in this Agreement, Business Associate may use or disclose PHI to perform Services, as specified in the underlying grant or contract with Covered Entity. The uses and disclosures of Business Associate are limited to the minimum necessary, to complete the tasks or to provide the services associated with the terms of the underlying agreement. Business Associate shall not use or disclose PHI in any manner that would constitute a violation of the Privacy Rule if used or disclosed by Covered Entity in that manner. Business Associate may not use or disclose PHI other than as permitted or required by this Agreement or as Required by Law. 3.2 Business Associate may make PHI available to its employees who need access to perform Services provided that Business Associate makes such employees aware of the use and disclosure restrictions in this Agreement and binds them to comply with such restrictions. Business Associate may only disclose PHI for the purposes authorized by this Agreement: (a) to its agents and Subcontractors in accordance with Sections 9 and 18 or, (b) as otherwise permitted by Section 3. 3.3 Business Associate shall be directly liable under HIPAA for impermissible uses and disclosures of the PHI it handles on behalf of Covered Entity, and for impermissible uses and disclosures, by Business Associate’s Subcontractor(s), of the PHI that Business Associate handles on behalf of Covered Entity and that it passes on to Subcontractors.
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Permitted and Required Uses/Disclosures of PHI