Performance Pay/Annual Performance Goals Sample Clauses

Performance Pay/Annual Performance Goals. In addition to the Base Salary described above, beginning in the Contract Year starting on July 1, 2021, and in each subsequent Contract Year this Contract is in effect, the School BOARD shall consider whether the SUPERINTENDENT shall be eligible to receive Performance Pay. On or before June 30, 2021, the School BOARD shall set goal(s) for the SUPERINTENDENT and/or School District to complete or perform during the 2021-22 Contract Year. The School BOARD shall discuss with the SUPERINTENDENT the establishment of these goals but will retain the absolute discretion whether to establish performance pay for the goals and the amount of the Performance Pay that the SUPERINTENDENT may earn by the achieving a particular goal or goals. The goal(s) and the amount of Performance Pay for the achieving of any particular goal shall be established by a majority vote of the members of the BOARD. This procedure for goal setting shall be completed by the School BOARD on or before June 30 of each Contract Year to establish Performance Pay goals for the next Contract Year. Any Performance Pay received by the SUPERINTENDENT will not become part of the SUPERINTENDENT's Base Salary. The BOARD may establish a time frame for completing prescribed goals that extends beyond the Contract Year.