Perform Work Sample Clauses

Perform Work. Perform or cause to be performed any and all Work and labor necessary to complete the Project;

Related to Perform Work

  • Contract Work The provision of goods and services identified in the Contract constitute the contract work (Contract Work). Contractor shall perform the Contract Work pursuant to the terms of the Contract. Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation, services, appliances, and appurtenances for the Contract Work in strict conformity with this Contract, within the time-period prescribed by the City.

  • Work The definition of work, for overtime purposes only, includes:

  • Overtime Work A. Overtime pay is to be paid at the rate of one and one- half (1½) times the basic hourly straight-time rate.

  • Shift Work For purposes of this Article, when a work shift includes consecutive hours which fall in two (2) calendar days, that work shift shall be considered as falling on the calendar day in which the majority of hours in the shift fall. When a work shift includes an equal number of consecutive hours in each of two (2) calendar days, that work shift shall be considered as falling on the first of the two (2) calendar days.

  • Extra Work At any time during the Term of this Agreement, City may request that Consultant perform Extra Work. As used herein, “Extra Work” means any work which is determined by City to be necessary for the proper completion of the Project, but which the Parties did not reasonably anticipate would be necessary at the execution of this Agreement. Consultant shall not perform, nor be compensated for, Extra Work without written authorization from City’s Representative.

  • THE WORK The Work comprises the completed construction required by the Contract Documents and includes all labor necessary to produce such construction, and all materials and equipment incorporated or to be incorporated in such construction.

  • Additional Work If the Contractor determines that any work it has been directed to perform is beyond the scope of this agreement and constitutes extra work, it shall promptly notify the County in writing. In the event the County determines that such work constitutes extra work and exceeds the maximum amount payable, the County shall so advise the Contractor and a supplemental agreement may be executed, as provided in Article 10 – Supplemental Agreements. The Contractor shall not perform any additional work or incur any additional costs prior to the execution, by both parties, of a supplemental agreement. The County shall not be responsible for actions by the Contractor or any costs incurred by the Contractor relating to additional work not directly associated with the performance of the work authorized in this contract or as amended.

  • Development Work The Support Standards do not include development work either (i) on software not licensed from CentralSquare or (ii) development work for enhancements or features that are outside the documented functionality of the Solutions, except such work as may be specifically purchased and outlined in Exhibit 1. CentralSquare retains all Intellectual Property Rights in development work performed and Customer may request consulting and development work from CentralSquare as a separate billable service.

  • Outside Work All work necessary to the assembling, installation, erection, operation, maintenance, repair, control, in- spection and supervision of all electrical apparatus, devices, wires, cables, supports, insulators, conduc- tors, ducts and raceways when part of distributing systems outside of buildings, railroads and outside the directly related railroad property and yards. In- stalling and maintaining the catenary and trolley work on railroad property, and bonding of rails. All underground ducts and cables when they are in- stalled by and are part of the system of a distrib- uting company, except in power stations during new construction, including ducts and cables to adjacent switch racks or substations. All outdoor substations and electrical connections up to and including the setting of transformers and the connecting of the secondary buses thereto. Outside work to include renewable electrical energy sources such as solar photovoltaic, geothermal, wind, biomass, wave, etc., and other distributed en- ergy installations such as fuel cells, microturbines, etc.

  • Construction Work The regulation at 41 C.F.R. § 60-1.3 defines “construction work” as the construction, rehabilitation, alteration, conversion, extension, demolition or repair of buildings, highways, or other changes or improvements to real property, including facilities providing utility services. The term also includes the supervision, inspection, and other onsite functions incidental to the actual construction