Pay Expenses Sample Clauses

Pay Expenses. To pay all expenses of and incidental to the carrying on of the Business.
Pay Expenses. Pay all expenses of the Property from the Gross Income collected in accordance with Section 3(c) from MANAGER’s custodial account. It is understood that the Gross Income will be used first to pay the compensation to MANAGER set forth in Section 14, then operational expenses and then any mortgage indebtedness, including real estate tax and insurance impounds, but only as directed by OWNER in writing and only if sufficient Gross Income is available for such payments;
Pay Expenses. The Company will pay the legal fees and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Purchasers in connection with due diligence and the preparation of this Agreement, and all brokerage or finders fees related to the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby.
Pay Expenses. Except as otherwise provided herein, to pay all expenses of and incidental to the carrying on of the Business.
Pay Expenses. To spend money for any purpose reasonably necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Trust. This includes paying Trust expenses including without limitation any applicable taxes of any kind, and all kinds levied or assessed under existing or future laws, upon or in respect to the fund or any money, property, or securities forming a part thereof. To the extent necessary, credit cards may be used to pay expenses. The Board of Trustees may authorize a third party administrator to pay the Plan’s expenses between meetings, with the list of expenses to be approved at the next Trust meeting. By adopting this Trust Agreement, the bargaining parties and the Board of Trustees ratify actions taken and expenses incurred prior to the actual adoption of this Trust Agreement that are consistent with this document. By way of example, prior expenses incurred in a prior period, such as January 2014, and/or actions taken in previous periods, that are consistent with this document but which may not have been explicitly referenced in a prior version of the Trust Agreement are considered appropriate and authorized.

Related to Pay Expenses

  • Company Expenses Subject to the limitations described below, the Company agrees to pay all costs and expenses incident to the Offering, whether or not the transactions contemplated hereunder are consummated or this Agreement is terminated, including expenses, fees and taxes in connection with: (a) the registration fee, the preparation and filing of the Registration Statement (including without limitation financial statements, exhibits, schedules and consents), the Prospectus, and any amendments or supplements thereto, and the printing and furnishing of copies of each thereof to the Dealer Manager and to Participating Dealers (including costs of mailing and shipment); (b) the preparation, issuance and delivery of certificates, if any, for the Offered Shares, including any stock or other transfer taxes or duties payable upon the sale of the Offered Shares; (c) all fees and expenses of the Company’s legal counsel, independent public or certified public accountants and other advisors; (d) the qualification of the Offered Shares for offering and sale under state laws in the states, including the Qualified Jurisdictions, that the Company shall designate as appropriate and the determination of their eligibility for sale under state law as aforesaid and the printing and furnishing of copies of blue sky surveys; (e) filing for review by FINRA of all necessary documents and information relating to the Offering and the Offered Shares (including the reasonable legal fees and filing fees and other disbursements of counsel relating thereto); (f) the fees and expenses of any transfer agent or registrar for the Offered Shares and miscellaneous expenses referred to in the Registration Statement; (g) all costs and expenses incident to the travel and accommodation of the Advisor’s personnel, and the personnel of any sub-advisor designated by the Advisor and acting on behalf of the Company, in making road show presentations and presentations to Participating Dealers and other broker-dealers and financial advisors with respect to the offering of the Offered Shares; and (h) the performance of the Company’s other obligations hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company shall not directly pay, or reimburse the Advisor for, the costs and expenses described in this Section 3.1 if the payment or reimbursement of such expenses would cause the aggregate of the Company’s “organization and offering expenses” as defined by FINRA Rule 2310 (including the Company expenses paid or reimbursed pursuant to this Section 3.1, all items of underwriting compensation including Dealer Manager expenses described in Section 3.2 and due diligence expenses described in Section 3.3) to exceed 15.0% of the gross proceeds from the sale of the Primary Shares.

  • Third Party Expenses All reasonable third party expenses incurred in providing the Additional Services will be billed to the Adviser, including, but not limited to, liquidity services fees, expenses related to security reference data, portfolio risk metrics, valuation leveling, and/or similar data provided by third party suppliers. For third party suppliers from which the Trust receives services as part of an existing ALPS relationship or agreement, the Adviser will be billed the amount attributable to the services the Trust received, calculated before application of any discount that ALPS may receive as part of its overall relationship with the supplier (if applicable). All expenses in which a third party supplier does not have an established relationship with ALPS will be billed to the Adviser as incurred.

  • COMPENSATION; EXPENSES (a) In consideration of the foregoing, the Advisor shall pay the Sub-advisor, with respect to the Fund, a fee as specified in Appendix B hereto. Such fees shall be accrued by the Advisor daily and shall be payable monthly in arrears on the first business day of each calendar month for services performed hereunder during the prior calendar month. If fees begin to accrue in the middle of a month or if this Agreement terminates before the end of any month, all fees for the period from that date to the end of that month or from the beginning of that month to the date of termination, as the case may be, shall be prorated according to the proportion that the period bears to the full month in which the effectiveness or termination occurs. Upon the termination of this Agreement with respect to the Fund, the Advisor shall pay to the Sub-advisor such compensation as shall be payable prior to the effective date of termination.

  • Additional Expenses The Underwriter will pay all expenses (e.g., shipping, postage and courier costs) associated with the delivery of the Prospectus to prospective investors and investors, other than the costs of delivery to the Underwriter's facilities, provided, that if courier services (other than overnight delivery services utilized in the ordinary course of business) are required to ensure that the Prospectus is delivered to investors on the day immediately preceding the Closing Date, the Company will pay such courier expenses. If the foregoing is in accordance with your understanding of our agreement, please sign and return to the undersigned a counterpart hereof, whereupon this letter and your acceptance shall represent a binding agreement between the Underwriter and the Company. Very truly yours, PAINEWEBBER INCORPORATED By:____________________________ Name: Title: The foregoing Agreement is hereby confirmed and accepted as of the date hereof. GE CAPITAL MORTGAGE SERVICES, INC. By:____________________________ Name: Title:

  • Collection Expenses The Borrower further agrees, subject only to any limitation imposed by applicable law, to pay all expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred by the holder of this Note in endeavoring to collect any amounts payable hereunder which are not paid when due.

  • Reimbursable Expenses In addition to the compensation paid to the Advisor pursuant to Section 8 hereof, the Company or the Partnership shall pay directly or reimburse the Advisor for all of the expenses paid or incurred by the Advisor (to the extent not reimbursable by another party, such as the dealer manager) in connection with the services it provides to the Company and the Partnership pursuant to this Agreement, including, but not limited to:

  • Fees; Expenses (a) As consideration for the services listed on Schedule 1 (the “Services”), the Company shall pay to AST the fees set forth on Schedule 2 (the “Fees”). If the Company requests that AST provide additional services not contemplated hereby, the Company shall pay to AST fees for such services at AST’s reasonable and customary rates, such fees to be governed by the terms of a separate agreement to be mutually agreed to and entered into by the Parties at such time (the “Additional Service Fee”; together with the Fees, the “Service Fees”).

  • Professional Expenses Each calendar year during the Employment Term, the Company agrees to reimburse the Executive for up to $10,000 of reasonable professional expenses (i.e., accounting, financial planning, estate planning expenses) incurred by the Executive during such year for personal advice rendered to the Executive.

  • Travel Expenses CONTRACTOR shall not be allowed or paid travel expenses unless set forth in this Agreement.

  • Lenders’ Expenses All Lenders’ Expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses for documentation and negotiation of this Agreement) incurred through and after the Effective Date, when due.