Patient Safety Sample Clauses

Patient Safety. When asked or told to work mandatory overtime, nurses who refuse to work mandatory overtime by expressing a concern for patient safety cannot be forced to work mandatory overtime, nor can the nurses be disciplined for refusing to work mandatory overtime if they express a concern for patient safety.
Patient Safety. 1. It is my duty to respond to patient needs that supersede self-interest. I recognize that under certain circumstances, the best interests of the patient may be served by transitioning that patient’s care to another qualified and rested provider.
Patient Safety. (a) Employees will not be reassigned from their home unit if it would create a staff shortage in the home unit, except in cases where patient care requires it. All efforts will be made to fill unit vacancies with staff that possess the competencies and skill set for that unit before reassignment of staff who would require a modified assignment. Per- Diem and employees working additional shifts will not be automatically cancelled to fulfill staffing hours of employees from other units. In this case, the overstaffed unit will reduce their staffing by use of the rotational time off process. When it is necessary to reassign RNs to another unit to meet patient care needs, RNs will only be reassigned to partner units unless all other efforts to fill the vacancy have been exhausted. When RNs are reassigned who do not possess the competencies for that unit, a modified assignment will be made per the then-applicable Reassignment Guidelines.
Patient Safety. For the avoidance of doubt, the Parties acknowledge and agree that, for each Product, PTC will not administer, or permit the administration of, such Product in the PTC Territory until the Parties have mutually agreed on the initial patient monitoring plan described in Section 3.2(iv).
Patient Safety. An act or omission of Provider or any Practice Provider giving rise to imminent danger to a patient or the public health, safety, and welfare.
Patient Safety. During the contract duration if the Third Party or any of its sub-contractors becomes aware of Human Safety Information (HSI), including Adverse Events (“AE”) (together referred as HSI/AE)(whether the information relates to the GSK Product by reference to its generic name or by reference to its trade mark) it shall forward such information to GSK.
Patient Safety. An act or omission by the Practitioner which places a patient’s health or safety in unreasonable danger or imminent and serious harm;
Patient Safety. Sponsor shall report to Institution any adverse events, findings or research results of which Sponsor becomes aware relating to the Study, pursuant to 21 C.F.R.§§312.50. Sponsor also agrees to furnish a copy of any safety report to Institution at the time it is furnished to the FDA which could affect the safety of participants or their willingness to continue participation, influence the conduct of the Study or alter the IRB’s approval to continue the Study.
Patient Safety. CONTRACTOR shall require participating hospitals, ambulatory care surgery centers, and office-based surgery sites to endorse and adopt procedures for verifying the correct patient, the correct procedure, and the correct surgical site that meets or exceeds those set forth in the Universal Protocol TM developed by JCAHO.