PARTICULARS OF THE PROPERTIES the particulars of the Properties set out in Schedule 2 are accurate and that Chargor has good and marketable title thereto; and
PARTICULARS OF THE PROPERTIES. As stated in paragraph 1.3 above, the Properties are part of the Zhuyun Education Land, situated at Oriental University City, Langfang Economic and Technology Development Zone, Langfang City, Hebei Province, the PRC, Tonghui City, Hebei Province, PRC. The Properties comprise three (3) parcels of land for education use with a total site area of approximately 57,501.40 square meters, and two (2) buildings with a total gross floor area of approximately 58,385.86 square meters. The key details of the land use rights of the three (3) parcels of land are as follows: No.Certificate No.Date of issueLand useApproximatesite area (sq.m.) 1 (2012) 023 15 June 2012 Education 40,861.402(2016) 0008010 November 2016Education6,937.203(2017)00079651 July 2016Education9,702.80 Total:57,501.40 The key details of the building ownership rights of the two (2) buildings are as follows: No.Certificate No.Date of issueNo. ofstoriesApproximategross floor area (sq.m.) 1 H6427 29 June 2016 13 51,576.552H642329 June 201636,809.31 Total:58,385.86 A total of approximately 6,921.27 square meters of the gross floor area of the two (2) buildingsis currently being leased out to 22 tenants (all of which are third parties that are not related to the Group) for terms ranging from September 2015 to August 2022. Pursuant to the relevant tenancy agreements, the aggregate monthly rent for these areas is approximately RMB1,728,354 (exclusive of government rates and service charges). The aggregate historical investment costs paid by the Company as at 19 March 2008 for the three (3) parcels of land and two (2) buildings was approximately RMB21,338,051 and RMB167,269,798 respectively.