Participation Eligibility - No Employer Contribution Sample Clauses

Participation Eligibility - No Employer Contribution. Part-time teachers who work less than fifty percent (50%) in an academic or calendar year schedule and were participating in the plan at their own expense on June 30, 1999, are allowed to continue participating in the plan. All other part-time teachers working less than fifty percent (50%) in an academic or calendar year schedule are not eligible for participation in the plan.

Related to Participation Eligibility - No Employer Contribution

  • Employer Contribution (a) An Employer contribution for health and dental benefits will only be made for each active employee who has at least eighty (80) paid regular hours in a month and who is eligible for medical insurance coverage, unless otherwise required by law.

  • Full Employer Contribution - Basic Eligibility Employees covered by this Agreement who are scheduled to work at least seventy-five (75) percent of the time are eligible for the full Employer Contribution. This means:

  • Maintaining Eligibility for Employer Contribution The employer's contribution continues as long as the employee remains on the payroll in an insurance eligible position. Employees who complete their regular school year assignment shall receive coverage through August 31.

  • Eligibility for Employer Contribution This section describes eligibility for an Employer Contribution toward the cost of coverage.

  • Partial Employer Contribution - Basic Eligibility The following employees covered by this Agreement receive the full Employer Contribution for basic life coverage, and at the employee's option, a partial Employer Contribution for health and dental coverages if they are scheduled to work at least fifty (50) percent but less than seventy-five (75) percent of the time. This means:

  • Amount of Employer Contribution The Employer Contribution amounts and rules in effect on June 30, 2017 will continue through December 31, 2017.

  • Narrow Participation Retirement Fund A fund established in Singapore to provide retirement, disability, or death benefits to beneficiaries that are current or former employees (or persons designated by such employees) of one or more employers in consideration for services rendered, provided that:

  • Matching Contributions The Employer will make matching contributions in accordance with the formula(s) elected in Part II of this Adoption Agreement Section 3.01.

  • EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTIONS 8.1 Rates at which the Employer shall contribute for each hour of work performed on behalf of each employee employed under the terms of this Agreement are contained in the Appendices attached to and forming part of this Agreement.

  • Participation in Benefit Plans The payments provided in Section 4 hereof are in addition to benefits Employee is entitled to under any group hospitalization, health, dental care, disability insurance, surety bond, death benefit plan, travel and/or accident insurance, other allowance and/or executive compensation plan, including, without limitation, any senior staff incentive plan, capital accumulation programs, restricted or non-restricted share purchase plan, share option plan, retirement income or pension plan or other present or future group employee benefit plan or program of the Company for which key executives are or shall become eligible, and Employee shall be eligible to receive during the period of his employment under this Agreement, all benefits and emoluments for which key executives are eligible under every such plan or program to the extent permissible under the general terms and provisions of such plans or programs and in accordance with the provisions thereof.