Participating Plans Sample Clauses

Participating Plans. Xxxxxx Corporation Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (as in effect prior to, on and after January 1, 2005); Xxxxxx Corporation 2005 Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan; Xxxxxx Corporation 1997 Directors Deferred Compensation and Annual Stock Unit Award Plan; Xxxxxx Corporation 2005 Directors’ Deferred Compensation Plan; and Directors Retirement Plan.
Participating Plans. Vencor may direct that plans other than VRSP and ------------------- RSP participate in the Trust provided that any such other plan:
Participating Plans. Rockwell International Corporation Savings Plan Rockwell Retirement Savings Plan for Certain Employees Allex-Xxxxxxx Xxxpany Savings Plan for Salaried Employees Allex-Xxxxxxx Xxxpany Savings Plan for Hourly Employees Allex-Xxxxxxx Xxxpany Savings Plan for IAM Union Employees 27 Appendix D Investment Funds ---------------- D.1 To the extent directed by the Benefit Committee, the Master Trustee shall establish:
Participating Plans. BCBSNC may make an agreement with any appropriate entity (referred to as a Participating Plan) to administer in whole or in part, benefits for Covered Services to Members.
Participating Plans. To qualify as a Participating Plan and participate in the Trust, a Plan must:
Participating Plans. As of the date of establishment of any Fund ------------------- and as of any Valuation Date, as defined in Section 6 below, the Master Trustee shall accept the transfer to such Fund of all or any portion of the assets of any Participating Plan, provided that: Either (i) a determination letter has been received from the Internal - Revenue Service stating that the Participating Plan meets the requirements of Section 40l(a) of the Code, or (ii) a request for such a determination letter -- has been filed and the Master Trustee believes such Plan to meet the requirements of Section 40l(a) of the Code; and In the case of the Participating Plan of a subsidiary or affiliate of the Company, such subsidiary or affiliate has joined in and has become a party to the Master Trust, and the Company has consented thereto, all by means of a joinder agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit B hereto. Each subsidiary or affiliate of the Company joining in and adopting the Master Trust appoints the Company as its agent for purposes of this Agreement and agrees that (i) it shall be bound by the decisions, actions and - directions of the Company, the Named Fiduciary, and any Investment Manager, Investment Committee or Administrative Committee (as hereinafter defined) under this Agreement, and BNY (New York) (if appointed as an investment manager as provided below), (ii) the Company has the sole authority to enforce this -- Agreement on behalf of such subsidiary or affiliate, and (iii) the Master --- Trustee and any affiliate to whom it has delegated any responsibility pursuant to Section 1.2 shall be fully protected in relying upon such decisions, actions and direction and shall in no event be required to give notice to or otherwise deal with such subsidiary or affiliate except by dealing with the Company as agent of such subsidiary or affiliate. The Master Trust shall, to the extent of each Participating Plan's interest in any Fund, constitute a part of such Plan. The Master Trustee shall be promptly notified by the Employer of each Participating Plan of any and all amendments made to such Plan, and of any determination or other action taken by the Internal Revenue Service with respect to its qualification under Section 40l(a) of the Code.

Related to Participating Plans

  • Other Plans Participant acknowledges that any income derived from the Restricted Stock shall not affect Participant’s participation in, or benefits under, any other benefit plan or other contract or arrangement maintained by the Company or any Affiliate.

  • Final Plans When authorized by the CITY prepare final plans for the PROJECT based upon com- ments as agreed upon as a result of the office check review. Major items of work included in devel- opment of final plans are:

  • Marketing Plans On execution of this Agreement and on or before each one-year anniversary of the commencement date of this Agreement, the Licensee shall provide UM with a written marketing plan with respect to the Licensed Products. Each such marketing plan shall include, on a Licensed Product-by-Licensed Product basis, a marketing timetable, channels and methods of distribution, nature and amount of advertising and advertising expenditures, the top ten existing customers for the Licensed Products (if any), the top ten targeted customers for the Licensed Products, retail sell-through information and results in connection with such top ten existing customers, and any other information which UM may ask the Licensee to include. Each marketing plan shall contain specific information for the one-year period immediately succeeding its submission and general estimates or projections for subsequent periods during which this Agreement remains in effect. Where available, the Licensee will provide on-line retail consumption information.

  • Approved Plans Plans and specifications prepared by the applicable Architect for the respective Tenant Improvements and approved by Landlord and Tenant in accordance with Paragraph 2 of this Tenant Work Letter, subject to further modification from time to time to the extent provided in and in accordance with such Paragraph 2.

  • Development Plans A Development Plan and budget for each Candidate for the balance of the Calendar Year during which the Compound or Xxxxxx Compound is designated by the JSC as a Candidate shall be prepared by Xxxxxx and submitted to the JSC promptly after the designation of such Compound or Xxxxxx Compound as provided in Sections 2.1.4(h) and 3.6. Thereafter, for each Calendar Year during the Development Program, an updated Development Plan and budget for each Candidate shall be prepared by Xxxxxx and submitted to the JSC as provided in Section 2.1.4(a) or (b), as applicable. To the extent JSC approval is required, the Parties shall manage the preparation of each Development Plan and budget in a manner designed to obtain such JSC approval no later than [*****] days prior to the end of the then-current Calendar Year. Each Development Plan and amendment thereto shall: (a) set forth (i) the Development objectives, activities, priorities, timelines, budget and resources for the Calendar Year covered by the Development Plan with reasonable specificity, (ii) the Confidential materials omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Asterisks denote such omission. Development objectives and activities to be performed for each Calendar Year period covered by the Development Plan with reasonable specificity, broken down by Calendar Quarters, (iii) the Party that shall be responsible for performing such activities, (iv) a timeline for such activities and (v) the expected Development Costs over such Calendar Year; and (b) be consistent with the other terms of this Agreement.

  • Medical Plans The Employer will maintain the current health (including vision) and dental insurance programs and practices. The Employer shall contribute 80% of the premium charge for PPO plans, 83% of premium for the POS plan, 85% of premium for the HMO plan, 80% for the prescription drug plan and 50% for the dental plan. There shall be no change in the State’s premium subsidy for health benefits plans in Fiscal Year 2012.

  • Participant Bound by Plan Participant hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Plan and agrees to be bound by all the terms and provisions thereof.

  • Retirement Plans (a) In connection with the individual retirement accounts, simplified employee pension plans, rollover individual retirement plans, educational IRAs and XXXX individual retirement accounts (“XXX Plans”), 403(b) Plans and money purchase and profit sharing plans (“Qualified Plans”) (collectively, the “Retirement Plans”) within the meaning of Section 408 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”) sponsored by a Fund for which contributions of the Fund’s shareholders (the “Participants”) are invested solely in Shares of the Fund, Transfer Agent shall provide the following administrative services:

  • Bonus Plans Executive shall be entitled to participate in the Company’s annual performance bonus plan at a level appropriate for the position and duties of Executive and subject to the terms and conditions established by the Board for such bonus plan. Bonuses will be paid annually based on both the success of the Company in meeting its goals and Executive’s individual performance. Executive’s annual target performance bonus will be equal to thirty percent (30%) of the then applicable Base Salary, subject to increase (but not decrease) in light of Executive’s performance, external market conditions, the Company’s financial condition and performance and such other factors as the Board deems appropriate. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, Executive must be employed by the Company through the last day of the period to which the bonus relates and on the date on which bonuses are paid in order to be eligible to receive a bonus. Executive shall be entitled to participate in such other bonus plans as may be established by the Company from time to time for executives of the Company at a level appropriate for the position and duties of Executive. The determination whether to establish, amend or discontinue, and the terms and conditions of, any Company bonus plans shall be within the sole discretion of the Board.

  • Compensation Plans Schedule 3.8(b) contains a complete and accurate list of all compensation plans, arrangements or practices (the "Compensation Plans") sponsored by the Company or to which the Company contributes on behalf of its employees, other than Employment Agreements listed on Schedule 3.8(c) and Employee Benefit Plans listed on Schedule 3.9(a). The Compensation Plans include without limitation plans, arrangements or practices that provide for performance awards, and stock ownership or stock options. The Company has provided or made available to Vision 21 a copy of each written Compensation Plan and a written description of each unwritten Compensation Plan. Except as set forth on Schedule 3.8(b), each of the Compensation Plans can be terminated or amended at will by the Company.