Participant Covenants Sample Clauses

Participant Covenants. By accepting this Award Participant acknowledges and agrees (i) to the covenants contained in Section 9 of this Award Agreement and that this Award, as well as Participant’s employment, is sufficient compensation for such covenants and (ii) that the covenants contained in Section 9 of this Award Agreement are in addition to, and not in replacement of, any other agreements between Participant and Company or its affiliates that contain covenants with respect to confidentiality or confidential information. For purposes of this Section 9, “Company” means the Company and its subsidiaries, parent companies and affiliated companies.
Participant Covenants. The Participant acknowledges that, in the course of performing his or her responsibilities to the Employer, the Participant will form relationships and become acquainted with Confidential Information. The Participant further acknowledges that such relationships and the Confidential Information are valuable to the Employer, and the restrictions on his or her future employment contained in this Section 3.10, if any, are reasonably necessary in order for the Employer to remain competitive in its various businesses. In consideration of the benefits provided under this Agreement (including, but not limited to, the potential vesting continuation or acceleration under Section 3.2 hereof), and in recognition of the Employer’s heightened need for protection from abuse of relationships formed or Confidential Information garnered during the Participant’s employment with the Employer, Participant hereby agrees to the following covenants as a condition of receipt of the benefits provided under this Agreement:
Participant Covenants. The Participant hereby covenants:
Participant Covenants. 2.01 The Participant agrees to implement or run the Business substantially in accordance with this Agreement and operate the Business. The Participant shall use best efforts to satisfy the targets set out in the Business Plan. Material changes should be noted and Vaughan notified immediately of this change.
Participant Covenants. (a) In the performance of the Participant’s duties, the Participant has previously had, and may in the future have, access to confidential records and information, including, but not limited to, development, marketing, purchasing, organizational, strategic, financial, managerial, administrative, manufacturing, production, distribution and sales information, data, specifications and processes presently owned or at any time hereafter developed by the Company or its agents or consultants or used presently or at any time hereafter in the course of its business, that are not otherwise part of the public domain (collectively, the “Confidential Material”). All such Confidential Material is considered secret and has been and/or will be disclosed to the Participants in confidence. By executing a Separation Agreement and Release, a Participant shall agree that:
Participant Covenants. 7.1 In consideration of the Grant set forth in Article 2 and/or the Award set forth in Article 3 of this Agreement, Participant agrees to abide by the restrictive covenants set forth below. For the purposes of this Article 7, the definition ofCompany’ is expanded to include any Subsidiaries or affiliates that do business in the United States.
Participant Covenants. As a condition of participation in the Program and to the receipt of any benefits hereunder, each Participant shall enter into or shall have entered into a Confidentiality and Noncompete Agreement with the Company, substantively in the form of Exhibit A hereto.
Participant Covenants. In consideration of the grant of this Award by the Company, Participant agrees to the following:
Participant Covenants. The Participant covenants to the Centre as follows, such covenants to remain in effect throughout the term of this Agreement: