Ownership Percentages Sample Clauses

Ownership Percentages. With respect to each Member, each Member's Ownership Percentage shall be the percentage determined by dividing such Member's Capital Contribution at the date of determination by the sum of all Members' Capital Contributions as of such date.
Ownership Percentages. On the Effective Date, Hutchison and Nestlé will each have an Ownership Percentage equal to fifty percent (50%).
Ownership Percentages. The percentage interest of each Partner will be determined by dividing the balance of such Partner's capital account by the total of all of the capital accounts of all Partners. A Partner's percentage interest will be determinative of: (a) a Partner's ownership interest in the Partnership as an entity; (b) a Partner's interest in the distribution of Distributable Cash; (c) a Partner's allocable share of the items of Profits and Losses; and (d) a Partner's distributive share of cash and other property upon dissolution of the Partnership.
Ownership Percentages. The Capital Accounts (§ 6.4) of each Limited Partner (§ 4.1) represents their equity in the Fund. The Ownership Percentage of a Limited Partner is the summation of all Capital Accounts of the Limited Partner (§ 6.11) divided by the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund (§ 6.9).
Ownership Percentages. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the net proceeds of a Terminating Transaction shall be distributed in accordance with Section 9.2 hereof.
Ownership Percentages. CSL shall own 49% and NWC shall own 51% of NEWCO's equity. Such percentages are referred to herein as "Ownership Percentages."
Ownership Percentages. The percentage determined for each Member by dividing such Member’s capital contributions by the capital contributions of all Members.
Ownership Percentages. The beneficial ownership interest of each Interest Holder in the Partnership (“Ownership Percentage”) shall initially be as set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto, which is the percentage determined by dividing each Interest Holder’s initial Capital Account by the aggregate initial Capital Accounts of all Interest Holders. In the event that the General Partner deems it appropriate to adjust the Capital Accounts of the Interest Holders to reflect the economic relationship of the Interest Holders, each Interest Holder’s Capital Account shall be increased or decreased, as the case may be, to reflect that Interest Holder’s portion of the change in the Gross Asset Value of each item of Partnership Property. After the Gross Asset Value of the Partnership Property is so adjusted and all existing Interest Holders’ Capital Accounts are adjusted to reflect their then respective Ownership Percentages, the additional Capital Contributions, whether from the addition of a new Partner or a non­ pro rata contribution, shall be added to the Capital Account of the contributing Interest Holder. After all such increases are reflected on the Partnership's books and records, each Interest Holder's Ownership Percentage shall be recalculated by dividing the Interest Holder's Capital Account by the aggregate of the Capital Accounts of all Interest Holders.
Ownership Percentages. 3.1. As used in this Agreement the respective Ownership Percentages of the parties shall be as follows: