Outdoors Sample Clauses

Outdoors. There shall be no sidewalk chalk used to campaign outdoors, on buildings or cement.
Outdoors. Trash will be picked up outside the building. Cigarette butts, cups, miscellaneous items left outside shall be disposed of in proper receptacles (not in planters or flower beds).
Outdoors. No outdoor flame is permitted, including any flame luminaries, such as enclosed lanterns or candles (floating or non-floating). This also includes cooking methods. Gas grilling and electric luminaries only are permitted. In addition, grilling is not allowed on the decking area and is only permitted on the paved area of the parking lot. Please do not plan any type of outdoor luminary or outdoor cooking, other than electric luminaries or gas grilling, without checking with the Association Center Coordinator. Your planner or catering company is NOT part of Bald Head Association, and cannot authorize these items. It is better to be safe and check with the Association Center Coordinator, than to spend money on decorations or food planning that will not be permitted at the building! Use of outdoor flame in violation of this policy will forfeit your deposit. Please also note the Village of BHI assesses a $500 fine for outdoor burning without a permit.  No decorations may be fastened to the walls with materials that mark, puncture or otherwise deface the surfaces.  Care should be taken in placement of tables and chairs; do not to drag these across the hardwood floor/carpet surfaces.  The audio-visual cabinet is not to be moved. The equipment inside the cabinet may not be removed for any reason. The connections should not be altered unless first cleared with the Association Center Coordinator.  All Brunswick County noise ordinances will be observed. Loud and disorderly conduct will not be permitted.  Should the police respond to complaints from surrounding property owners with respect to the event, the event participants are to immediately comply with police direction. Refusal to do so may result in penalty beyond police citation, in which the Board may revoke sponsor’s use privileges of the Center for a period of one year.  Children and teenagers must be supervised at all times.  Signage for Events Held at the Association Center - Temporary signs will be allowed for events held by a public agency, non-profit or for the benefit of any civic, fraternal, religious or charitable cause, under the following restrictions. [Note: This policy does NOT include private events such as wedding, family reunions, etc.] - Signs advertising only the name, time and location of the event may be placed in the right-of-ways of the Association Center property and the two entrances to Lighthouse Wynd, provided that all such signs shall be removed at the completion of the reserved...
Outdoors. The same conditions apply from subsection ‘c’, with the following addendums; Stage must be covered and protected from the elements. It is to be one of the following;
Outdoors a. Allowed provided that social distancing requirements of 6 feet can be maintained.
Outdoors. Limit conduct of especially noisy exterior work to [ ].
Outdoors. The Client agrees to provide adequate shelter for the performer and equipment at any outdoor event. XxxXxxxx En- tertainment reserves the right to postpone and/or cancel performance at any outdoor event due to inadequate shelter and/or inclem- ent weather conditions that may cause a hazard to the performer or equipment. In event of such postponement or cancellation the full fee shall still be payable to XxxXxxxx Entertainment unless another agreement has been made.
Outdoors. Summer – 95° Dry Bulb MAINTAIN INDOORS 78° Dry Bulb at a maximum range of 40% to 60% Relative humidity Winter – 35° Dry Bulb 68° Dry Bulb
Outdoors. You agree to allow MCR to conduct random home visits to verify the well being of the Cat(s.) A minimum 48-hour notice will be given before any visit. (Adopter Initials)
Outdoors. The Camp has limited lawn furniture, a camp fire pit (you need to supply your own wood), a dock with boat/jet-ski accessibility (if you own a boat, launching and fuel facilities are available in Morristown), a small xxxxx beach area with great swimming, and a gas grill. (If empty, you can refill at Morristown Fuel & Supply @ 315-375-6327 or return for replacement at Lowes in Ogdensburg)