Other Transaction Sample Clauses

Other Transaction. Any other transaction or course of action engaged in, directly or indirectly, by the Company, the Business Unit or an Affiliate that has a substantially similar effect as the transactions of the type referred to in clause (a) or (b) above, except as provided in clause (y) or (z) below. A Disposition of a Business Unit may occur even if such Business Unit constitutes part of a larger enterprise at the time of the relevant Disposition of a Business Unit transaction and such Disposition of a Business Unit involves such larger enterprise. However, a “Disposition of a Business Unit” shall not occur:
Other Transaction. All of the conditions set forth in Article VI of the VERITAS Merger Agreement (other than Section 6.1(f) thereof and the filing of the Merger Certificate thereunder) shall have been satisfied or waived. Purchaser shall have received a certificate with respect to the foregoing, signed on behalf of Seller by the President and the Chief Financial Officer of Seller.
Other Transaction. Buyer shall have consummated that certain Stock Purchase Agreement by and between the Buyer and Xx. Xxxxxx X. Hall of even date herewith prior to or simultaneously with this Agreement.
Other Transaction. Buyer shall have executed the Stock Purchase Agreement by and between the Buyer and Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx of even date herewith prior to or simultaneously with this Agreement.
Other Transaction. 5.4 Parent............................
Other Transaction. (i) Subject to Section 2.7(l)(iv), in the event of the consummation of an Extraordinary Transaction during Earnout Year One, Earnout Year Two or Earnout Year Three, each Company Holder shall be entitled to receive, in lieu of any future payments pursuant to Section 2.7(g), an amount equal to [***], and upon payment thereof, any obligation of Parent, Buyer, Surviving Corporation or any successor thereto to make any additional or future payment to the Company Holders pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and the rights of the Company Holders to receive any such payment, shall terminate.
Other Transaction. If no Public Offering has occurred or Warrant Put Notice has been delivered, and if the Company shall execute a binding agreement with respect to any Other Transaction and, as a result thereof, holders of Common Stock become entitled to receive any consideration in respect of their shares(whether directly through the transaction, as a result of a subsequent distribution declared by the Company's Board of Directors, as a result of the liquidation or winding up or otherwise), the Fund shall be entitled to elect to participate in such distribution as though it were the owner of the Warrant Shares.
Other Transaction. If any person or 13D Group holding less than the Threshold Percentage of the Total Voting Power acquires in the open market shares equal to a specified percentage of the Total Voting Power in excess of the Threshold Percentage, e.g., forty percent (40%), the Investor Group may acquire in the open market an additional number of shares that would, if accepted, increase its percentage of the Total Voting Power to be equal to the specified percentage, e.g., an aggregate of forty percent (40%) of the Total Voting Power.
Other Transaction. The Trusts shall give reasonable consideration to any restructuring of the Transactions that is not less advantageous from a financial perspective (after considering any Tax implications of such restructuring) to the Trusts or the Unitholders than the Transactions as Purpose may, acting reasonably, propose, which may be in addition to or in replacement of all or any part of the Transactions. The Trusts shall cooperate with Purpose in good faith to assess any proposed restructuring and the manner in which it might most effectively be undertaken, if at all.
Other Transaction. The Purchaser shall have completed the closing of the purchase of all of the outstanding shares of Eugene Welding Co., a Michigan corporation; and