Other than for Cause Sample Clauses

Other than for Cause. The Company may terminate the Executive's employment hereunder other than for Cause at any time upon written notice to the Executive.
Other than for Cause. The Company may, at any time, at its option, terminate the employment of the Executive other than for cause, death or disability, in which event the Company shall pay to Executive in a lump sum, within ninety (90) days of such termination, an amount equal to one (1) times Executive’s Salary (or Executive’s Salary plus target Bonus in the event of termination other than for cause, death or disability within one year following a Change in Control), at the rate in effect on the date of his termination, subject to execution of the release referred to in Section 4.6 below and the expiration of all revocation periods under applicable law with respect to such release (and subject to continued compliance by the Executive with ARTICLE V). This amount shall be in lieu of and shall be reduced by any termination or severance pay representing Salary or Bonus which is payable to Executive under any Proprietary Matters Agreement, offer of employment letter or other agreement with the Company or any of its affiliates.
Other than for Cause. Executive's employment may be terminated at any time other than For Cause upon a majority vote of the Board, with Executive abstaining, in which case the duties of the Company and Executive, one to the other, under this Agreement shall terminate as of the date of Executive's termination of employment, subject to the Company providing the severance payments and other benefits, specified in Section 7 below. Any termination of Executive's employment by the Company shall be communicated by written notice of termination to the other party hereto, which shall set forth the reason if determined For Cause, the effective date and time of termination, and any other relevant data. If Disabled, the Company shall not terminate Executive because of a disability.
Other than for Cause. The Company shall have the right to terminate the Executive’s employment during the Employment Period for any reason not described in Section 6(a) or (b) above upon thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to the Executive and such termination shall be referred to herein as a termination “Other Than For Cause.” The Executive’s employment shall be deemed to have been terminated following a Change of Control by the Company Other Than For Cause if (i) the Executive resigns following a request by the Company to terminate the Executive’s employment on or after a Change of Control, or (ii) the Company terminates the Executive’s employment Other Than For Cause within the ninety (90) day period immediately prior to the execution of a definitive agreement the consummation of which actually results in such Change of Control.
Other than for Cause. If the Executive's employment shall be -------------------- terminated by the Company other than (i) for Cause or (ii) upon death or disability, the Executive shall be paid the Executive's Annual Base Salary plus the average prorata bonus payable pursuant to Paragraph 3(b) through the Date of Termination. In addition, the Company will pay to the Executive 2.99 times the Executive's Total Compensation for the immediately preceding twelve-month period. The aforesaid amount shall be payable, at the option of the Executive, either (i) in full immediately upon such termination or (ii) semi-monthly over the remainder of the Employment Period. In addition, the Executive shall be entitled, at the option of the Executive, (i) to exercise any options to purchase Shares granted to the Executive, whether or not then vested, in accordance with the terms of the applicable share option agreement or plan, or (ii) to retain any Shares awarded to the Executive whether or not vested on the Date of Termination.
Other than for Cause. In addition to the Company's right to terminate the Executive's employment pursuant to Sections 7.3(a), following a Change of Control the Company may, for any reason or for no reason, terminate the Executive's employment upon written notice to the Executive. In the event of such termination, all compensation and other benefits payable or provided hereunder shall cease as of the date of termination and Base Salary and all accrued benefits (if any) then payable to the Executive pursuant to the terms of any plans or arrangements referred to in Sections 3 or 5, shall be paid to the Executive through the date of termination. No Bonus shall be payable with respect to the year in which the Executive is terminated other than for Cause. As additional compensation for such termination, the Company shall pay the Executive upon such termination a lump sum equal to one year's Base Salary as is in effect as of immediately prior to such termination. In addition, if the effective date of termination is before March 3, 2000, 29,500 of the Option Shares shall be accelerated to become exercisable as of the effective date of termination. The Option shall be exercisable with respect to such accelerated shares and any other Option Shares previously vested as of the effective date of termination and shall remain exercisable for 90 days from the effective date of termination.
Other than for Cause. The Company may terminate the Employment --------------------- Period at any time other than for Cause.
Other than for Cause. If, during the Employment Period, the Company shall terminate the Executive’s employment other than for Cause or Disability, or if Executive shall terminate his employment for Good Reason, or if the Executive’s employment shall terminate because of the expiration of the Agreement, the Company shall have no further obligations to the Executive except as follows: