Other Child Care Leaves Sample Clauses

Other Child Care Leaves. 22.3.1 Upon written application and approval as provided in s. 22.3.3, a Member who has become the parent of a newly born or newly adopted child and is not eligible for either maternity leave with or without allowance or parental leave with or without allowance is entitled to a leave of absence without pay as follows:

Related to Other Child Care Leaves

  • Child Care Leave After one (1) year of continuous employment, an unpaid leave may be granted to an employee to care for a dependent child who resides with the employee for conditions other than those set forth in Section 16.4 (Family Leave) without loss of seniority or accrued benefits. An employee on child care leave shall be entitled to the first available position for which the employee is qualified. Such leave shall not exceed one (1) year.

  • Extended Child Care Leave ‌ Upon completion of maternity, adoption and/or parental leave, including any extension to such leaves, a regular employee will be entitled, upon written application, to a leave of absence without pay to care for the child. Subject to Clause 11.3(a), the following conditions shall apply:

  • Childcare Leave A leave of absence shall be granted to any teacher for the purpose of childcare or adoption. The application for such leave shall be received by the Superintendent no later than sixty (60) calendar days prior to the effective date of such leave except in cases of extreme emergency and shall include a statement of the exact date on which the teacher wishes to terminate teaching. A teacher's childcare leave granted during the school's first semester will be effective to the following September. A childcare leave granted during the second semester will be for the remainder of that semester and for the entire following school year. A teacher on leave under the above conditions wishing to return to duty shall file a written request with the Superintendent at least ninety (90) calendar days prior to the date she/he wishes to return to teaching or prior to the end of the leave. The Board shall not be required to return the teacher on leave to employment except at the beginning of the semester. The reinstatement shall be to the teacher's former position, however a Teacher shall be allowed to resume and continue the job s/he held prior to taking of the leave, provided the Teacher returns at the conclusion of the FMLA authorized leave (ie, up to 12 workweeks). If a Teacher’s absence due to a child care leave exceeds the FMLA leave period, the Teacher shall be returned to any open vacancy for which the Teacher is qualified, at the District’s discretion. If a teacher does not comply with the above conditions, the right to such a leave and/or the right to return may be denied by the Board. In the event of a miscarriage or death of the object child of the leave, the leave of absence may be terminated upon request of the teacher with at least 30 calendar days notice before the beginning of any semester. The granting of such leave will in no way interrupt seniority and rights attendant thereto.

  • Family Care Leave In accordance with RCW 49.12 and WAC 296-130, employees shall be allowed to use any or all of their choice of sick leave or other paid time off to care for a family member (as defined above) who has a serious health condition or an emergency condition. Employees shall not be disciplined or otherwise discriminated against because of their exercise of these rights.

  • Medical Care Leave Employees may be allowed to use weekly indemnity credits in order to engage in personal preventative medical health and dental care. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld provided adequate notice is given in advance. On request, employees will be required to provide proof of attendance for the preventative medical or dental care concerned.

  • Unpaid Carer’s Leave (a) An employee is entitled to a period of up to 2 days unpaid carer’s leave for each occasion when a member of the employee’s immediate family, or a member of the employee’s household, requires care or support during such a period because of:

  • Family Care and Medical Leave An unpaid Family Care and Medical Leave shall be granted, to the extent of and subject to the restrictions as set forth below, to an employee who has been employed for at least 12 months and who has served for 130 workdays during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the effective date of the leave. Family Care and Medical Leave absences of twenty (20) consecutive working days or less can be granted by the immediate administrator or designee. Leaves of twenty (20) or more consecutive working days can be granted only by submission of a formal leave application to the immediate administrator or designee.

  • Health Leave In order to provide job protection for employees who are not covered by FMLA, after one (1) year of continuous employment with an FTE, one (1) durational leave of absence per rolling calendar year will be granted to employees who are not eligible for FMLA leave for a personal illness or injury, or disability because of pregnancy or childbirth without loss of accrued benefits. An employee who exhausts all of their FMLA leave is not eligible for a health leave. A leave of absence begins on the date of first absence from work. Accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) and Extended Illness Bank (EIB) for the period of temporary disability shall be used during this period, except that an employee may elect to reserve up to eighty (80) hours (prorated for part-time employees) of PTO. The one (1) year service requirement shall not apply to health leaves for temporary disability due to pregnancy or childbirth. The Employer will use reasonable efforts to staff the vacant position created by the leave of absence on a temporary basis for the period of the employee’s sick leave, subject to patient care considerations and departmental needs. All persons hired temporarily to replace employees who are on leave of absence shall be so advised and shall be informed of the approximate date the regular employee is expected to return. Length of service credit and benefits will not accrue but will remain the same as at the time of beginning the leave. Prior to returning to work after an extended absence for personal illness or injury, the Employer may require a statement from the attending physician attesting to the employee’s capability to perform the work required of the job. Health leave shall not exceed six (6) months. If a health leave of absence exceeds twelve (12) weeks, only then may the Employer permanently fill the vacancy. If the Employer has filled the position permanently, pursuant to the above, the employee on leave of absence, upon returning to the job during the six (6) month health leave period, will be offered the first open position for which the employee is qualified.

  • Compassionate Care Leave ‌ An employee who is entitled to compassionate care benefits under the Employment Insurance Act is entitled to a leave of absence without pay of up to eight weeks for the purpose of providing care or support to a gravely ill family member at risk of dying within 26 weeks. Notwithstanding Clause 11.3(a), there will be no interruption in the accrual of seniority or eligibility for benefits provided for under Article 25.

  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and its associated regulations will apply to all bargaining unit members who meet its eligibility requirements. For purposes of this Section, “12-month period” is defined as the “12-month period measured forward from the date the employee’s first FMLA leave begins” (i.e., the leave year is specific to each employee). The member is entitled to twelve (12) weeks of leave during the 12-month period beginning on the first date FMLA leave is taken. The next 12-month period commences the first time FMLA leave is taken after the completion of any previous 12-month period.