Original Issuance Sample Clauses

Original Issuance. The Trust Certificates, upon original issuance, will be issued in the form of Definitive Trust Certificates to be delivered by or on behalf of the Trust in accordance with the written instructions of the Depositor. The Owner Trustee shall recognize the Holders of the Definitive Trust Certificates as Certificateholders. The Trust Certificate shall be printed, lithographed or engraved or may be reproduced in any other manner as so reasonably acceptable to the Owner Trustee, as evidence by its execution thereof.
Original Issuance. Except as provided in Section 12.2{B), upon the assignment of Units to the Stockholders and the deposit of the Certificate evidencing the Units in accordance with Section 12.2 hereof, the Depositary shall, in accordance with the Plan and the Depositary Agreement, issue to each Assignee one or more Depositary Receipts evidencing the ownership of a number of Depositary Units equal to the number of Units assigned to such Assignee and shall mail or deliver such Depositary Receipt or Receipts to such Stockholder at his address as shown on the above list. Any such Assignee may become a Substituted Limited Partner in the manner provided in Section 15.1.
Original Issuance. There shall be issued to the Member one hundred (100) Units.
Original Issuance. 14 Section 3.18
Original Issuance. An aggregate of $2,360,000,000 aggregate principal amount at maturity of Zero Coupon Securities shall initially be issued and authenticated in the form of Zero Coupon Global Securities (as more fully set forth below).
Original Issuance. The following provisions shall apply to Standby Instruments issued hereunder:
Original Issuance. On the Issue Date, the Bank shall issue:
Original Issuance. The following provisions shall apply to the issuance of Standby Instruments under the Credit Facilities:
Original Issuance. On the Original Closing Date (as defined below), the Company shall issue to Genentech a number of shares of Common Stock (the "Original Issuance Shares") equal to the lesser of: (i) $2,000,000 divided by the Original Issuance Price (as defined below) or (ii) 9.5% of the Company's total outstanding shares of Common Stock as of the close of business on the third trading day before the Original Closing Date (each such number of shares to be rounded to the nearest whole number). Such issuance shall be referred to herein as the "Original Issuance."