Oral Examination Sample Clauses

Oral Examination. Selection board consisting of four (4) persons for all promotions will be comprised of up to two (2) from the following ranks: Fire Chief and/or Deputy Chief(s), and up to three (3) from the following ranks; Platoon Chief, Chief Training Officer, Chief Fire Prevention Officer and/or a Chief or Deputy from an outside Fire Department. (2018)
Oral Examination. The oral examination for Shift Chief will be conducted by a panel of Fire Chiefs or other sworn Fire professionals plus one current Fire Officer selected by the Union. The Fire Officer selected by the Union shall be limited to Fire Officers who have served on Fire Departments the size of Evanston or larger, in the rank of Shift Chief, Battalion Chief or their equivalents or higher.
Oral Examination. The oral examination shall constitute 25% of the final grade. The oral examination shall consist of ten (10) questions to be determined by the Chief of Police. All applicants shall be given the same ten questions and all questions will be based on the critical and essential job functions for the position of Police Sergeant. Each question shall have a value of 2.5 points with the total value of the examination to be 25 points. Oral interviews shall be audio and video recorded and shall be conducted and graded prior to the giving of the written examination. The candidates shall be notified of their scores on the oral examination prior to being given the written examination. If requested within five (5) business days of the posting of the oral exam results, the City shall provide a copy within five (5) business days of the videotape and correct answers of the oral exam to the candidate as requested, at the Union's expense.
Oral Examination. The minimum passing grade of the oral examination shall be a grade of seventy (70%) percent. The oral examination shall comprise twenty- five (25%) percent of the total grade of the candidate. The oral examination shall be determined by the Public Safety Director.
Oral Examination. The purpose of this examination is to determine the applicant's knowledge of FAS in general and its programs in particular. It is designed to assess the applicant's skill in oral communication, ability to marshal key facts to present positions and/or arguments on topics related to the work of FAS abroad, and the applicant’s suitability to serve as a representative of the United States abroad.
Oral Examination. The oral examination shall consist of: The list of subjects for the oral examination will be posted 7 days prior to the time of the oral examination being given. The oral examination is to be a maximum of 15 minutes and is to be given on materials accepted for the examination. The subject of the candidate's oral examination is to be drawn by the candidate 30 minutes prior to presentation. The Roster for the examination will be set by the Chief or designate and will coincide as far as possible to accommodate on shift personnel.
Oral Examination. The oral examination to be administered as part of the process set forth herein shall be preceded by not less than five days notice to all applicants of such examination. The oral examining board shall be comprised of three members, one of which will be selected by members of the Bargaining Unit and two of which shall be selected by the Employer. None of the board members can be current employees of the University. The oral examining board may request the resumes of all internal applicants but shall not be provided personnel files nor written examination scores. Each board member shall score each applicant as a numerical ranking from zero to thirty and the aggregate score of the board shall be divided by three for purposes of the computation of the composite score.
Oral Examination. 1.1.1 One complete every 24 months
Oral Examination. (a) Practical Oral Examination to be composed by the Examination Board in consultation with the Fire Chief and the Deputy Fire Chief. The Examination Board will conduct and mark each applicant according to test procedure established by the Fire Chief.
Oral Examination. This part when approved shall include a personal interview with each applicant for classes of positions where ability to deal with others, to meet the public, or other personal qualifications are to be determined. The oral interview board may be made up of members from within the classified service or from outside the classified service. An oral test may also be used in examinations where a written test is unnecessary or impracticable. Physical Fitness. Eligibles on employment lists seeking promotions must be able to pass a medical examination to determine their physical fitness for the position to which they aspire, such fitness to be interpreted according to the standards for each class of positions as may be established for promotional candidates.