Option to Renew for One Year Sample Clauses

Option to Renew for One Year. By mutual agreement of the County and Contractor, this Contract may be renewed for up to, but no more than, two(2) successive one-year renewal terms beginning immediately upon the expiration of the Contract's initial term. Each such one-year renewal shall be made in writing. The Department of Social Services Director or designee is hereby delegated the authority to determine whether to renew this Contract without additional approval by the Board of Supervisors, so long as the renewal is in writing, approved as to form and legality by County Counsel, and consistent with the limits described in section 5 of Exhibit E, Power to Renew or Amend-Delegation of Authority. Exhibit C, Page 1 of 1 Page 18 of 52TMHA- 65Now Homeless Services Contract# C003 2020 EXHIBIT D CONTRACT BETWEENTRANSITIONS MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION ANDCOUNTY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO (DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES)General Conditions 1 . Independent Contractor. Contractor is an independent contractor of the County. Nothing in this Contract shall be construed as creating an employer-employee relationship, partnership, or a joint venture relationship. Nothing in this Contract authorizes or permits the County to exercise direction or control over the professional manner in which Contractor provides services. Contractor's services shall be provided in a manner consistent with all applicable standards and regulations governing such services. 2. No eli ibility for frin e benefits. Contractor understands and agrees that Contractor and its personnel are not, and shall not be, eligible for membership in or any benefits from any County group plan for hospital, surgical, or medical insurance, or for membership in any County retirement program, or for paid vacation, paid sick leave, or other leave, with or without pay, or for any other benefit which accrues to a County employee. 3. Warranty of Contractor for Provisions of Services. The Contractor warrants that Contractor has obtained and shall keep in full force and effect during the term of this Contract all permits, registrations, certificates, credentials, and licenses necessary to accomplish the work specified in the Contract. Contractor warrants that it, and each of the personnel employed or otherwise retained by Contractor, shall at all times, to the extent required by law, be properly permitted, registered, certified, credentialed, and licensed under the Federal, State, and local laws and regulations applicable to the provision of services herein. Failure ...
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Option to Renew for One Year