Operatorship And Third Parties Sample Clauses

Operatorship And Third Parties. Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted as any assurance by the Vendor that the Purchaser will be able to serve as operator with respect to any of the Assets in which interests are held by third parties, whether or not such Assets are presently operated by the Vendor.
Operatorship And Third Parties. The Vendor shall use reasonable efforts to assist Purchaser in its attempts to obtain operatorship of the Assets or any part of them, including the preparation and execution of notice of resignation of operatorship requesting the appointment of Purchaser as operator.
Operatorship And Third Parties. Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted as any assurance by the Vendor that the Corporations or their nominees or successors or assigns (including the Purchaser), as applicable, will be able to serve as operator with respect to any of the Assets in which interests are held by third parties, whether or not such Assets are presently operated by ConocoPhillips. Neither the Vendor nor its Related Parties shall have any Liability to the Purchaser or its Related Parties for any Purchaser’s Losses as a result of the Corporations or their nominees or successors or assigns (including the Purchaser) not being designated as the operator of the Lands or Tangibles operated by ConocoPhillips prior to Closing.

Related to Operatorship And Third Parties

  • Operatorship Seller makes no representation and/or warranty to Buyer as to the transferability or assignability of operatorship of such Wells, but Seller shall and shall cause its affiliates to, cooperate with Buyer and use its commercially reasonable efforts to cause operatorship of the Wells and Leases to be transferred to Buyer. Buyer acknowledges that the rights and obligations associated with such wells are governed by applicable agreements and that operatorship will be determined by the terms of those agreements.

  • PROTECTION OF THIRD PARTIES No person (including a purchaser) dealing with the Collateral Agent or a Receiver or its or his agents will be concerned to enquire:

  • Use of Third Parties DIR may elect to solicit and receive bids from third parties to perform any New Services. If DIR elects to use third parties to perform New Services, (i) such New Services shall not be deemed "Services" under the provisions of this Agreement and (ii) Service Provider shall cooperate with such third parties as provided in Section 4.5.

  • Ownership and Licenses 6.1 Except as otherwise explicitly licensed or transferred as provided herein, each party will, as between it and the other party hereto, retain ownership of any and all inventions, copyrights, trade secrets, patent rights and other technology and rights to the extent conceived or developed by its personnel or contractors (other than the other party hereto). Neither party makes any grant of rights by implication. TIMERx Technologies will retain ownership in (but Schwarz Pharma shall have the right to use within the scope of its licenses) all Dissolution Profile Studies and Pilot Biostudies and Schwarz Pharma will retain ownership of its Pivotal Biostudies and its ANDA. Except as otherwise provided herein, each party shall be responsible, as it shall determine, for the filing and prosecution of any and all patent applications with respect, in whole or in part, to its own intellectual property and for the maintenance of any available patent protection with respect thereto; provided however, that neither party commits that any such patent protection will be available or continuous hereunder.

  • Ownership and Reuse of Documents All documents, data, reports, research, graphic presentation materials, etc., developed by Contractor as a part of its work under this Agreement, shall become the property of County upon completion of this Agreement, or in the event of termination or cancellation thereof, at the time of payment under Section 3 for work performed. Contractor shall promptly furnish all such data and material to County on request.


  • OWNERSHIP AND USE OF DOCUMENTS 9.1 Drawings and Specifications as instruments of service are and shall remain property of the Architect/Engineer whether the Project for which they are made is executed or not. The Owner shall be permitted to retain copies, including digital and reproducible copies, of all model(s), model data, schedules and Drawings and Specifications for information and reference in connection with the Owner’s use and occupancy of the Project upon payment of the amounts due under this Agreement. Owner shall have an irrevocable, paid-up, and perpetual non-exclusive license and right, which shall survive the termination of this Agreement, to use the all model(s), model data, schedules and Drawings and Specifications, including the originals thereof, and the ideas and designs contained therein, for any purpose related to the construction, maintenance or use of the Project and for informational purposes for any future project by the Owner, regardless of whether Architect/Engineer remains as the Architect/Engineer, has resigned, this Agreement has been terminated, Architect/Engineer’s scope of services has been modified, or the services herein have been completed. If this Agreement is terminated, Architect/Engineer hereby consents to the employment by Owner of a substitute architect/engineer to complete the services under this Agreement. The Architect/Engineer and its consultants shall not be liable for any use of such information that are inconsistent with the purposes for which the Architect/Engineer provided such information or changes made by the Owner to the model(s), model data, schedules and Drawings or Specifications or for claims or actions arising from the Architect/Engineer’s incomplete services or from any such alternative use or changes on projects in which the Architect/Engineer is not involved.

  • Consent of Third Parties If any provision of this Agreement is dependent on the consent of any third party and such consent is withheld, the Parties hereto shall use their reasonable best efforts to implement the applicable provisions of this Agreement to the fullest extent practicable. If any provision of this Agreement cannot be implemented due to the failure of such third party to consent, the Parties hereto shall negotiate in good faith to implement the provision in a mutually satisfactory manner.

  • Affiliates and Third Parties If the Asset Representations Reviewer processes the PII of the Issuer’s Affiliates or a third party when performing a Review, and if such Affiliate or third party is identified to the Asset Representations Reviewer, such Affiliate or third party is an intended third-party beneficiary of this Section 4.10, and this Agreement is intended to benefit the Affiliate or third party. The Affiliate or third party may enforce the PII related terms of this Section 4.10 against the Asset Representations Reviewer as if each were a signatory to this Agreement.

  • Ownership and License You agree that the Credit Union retains all ownership and proprietary rights in the service, associated content, technology, and website. Your use of the service is subject to and conditioned upon your complete compliance with this Agreement. Without limiting the effect of the foregoing, any breach of this Agreement immediately terminates your right to use the service. Without limiting the restriction of the foregoing, you may not use the service (i) in any anti-competitive manner, (ii) for any purpose which would be contrary to the Credit Union’s business interests, or (iii) to its actual or potential economic disadvantage in any aspect. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute or create derivative works from the content and agree not to reverse engineer or reverse compile any of the technology used to provide the service.