Onerous Conditions Sample Clauses

Onerous Conditions. 2.1 An Onerous Condition is one which contains an obligation or restriction of any one or more of the following kinds:
Onerous Conditions. 13.6.1 In the event that the Authority, Planning Inspector or any other relevant body resolves or indicates an intention to issue a Planning Permission or seeks a Planning Agreement in connection therewith and informs the Buyer of the conditions to be attached to or contained in such permission or agreement, the Buyer shall promptly provide the Council with a full list of Waterfront East Onerous Conditions to enable the Parties within 15 Working Day of the list being supplied to jointly determine whether or not any of the proposed conditions is a Waterfront East Onerous Condition and if so and once such list of Waterfront East Onerous Conditions is approved by the Parties the Buyer shall use reasonable endeavours to negotiate a solution with the Authority. The Buyer agrees and accepts that any revision to a solution or variation to a stipulation by the Council once provided to the Buyer under this clause as it relates to a Waterfront East Onerous Condition must first be approved (in writing) by the Council before being proposed and settled with the Authority.
Onerous Conditions emphasis ours). Cooperativa La Sagrada Familia, 7 P.R. Offic. Trans. at 449.4
Onerous Conditions. 9.1 An Onerous Condition is a condition attached to a Planning Permission or any provision in a Planning Agreement which is not an Acceptable Condition and which, in the reasonable opinion of the Tenant:
Onerous Conditions. For the purposes of this Agreement an Onerous Condition shall be a condition contained in a Planning Permission which in the Buyer’s reasonable opinion: will increase materially the cost of carrying out the Development; will reduce materially the profitability of the Development; has the same effect as, any of the conditions referred to in Appendix B of Circular 11/95, The Use of Planning Conditions in Planning Permission Documents of Title Works Obligations Works in respect of the Property Definitions In this Schedule, the following definitions apply:

Related to Onerous Conditions

  • Vendor’s Conditions The obligation of Vendor to sell its interest in and to the Assets is subject to the following conditions precedent, which are inserted herein and made part hereof for the exclusive benefit of Vendor and may be waived by Vendor:

  • Buyer’s Conditions The obligations of Buyer at the Closing are subject, at the option of Buyer, to the satisfaction at or prior to the Closing of the following conditions:

  • Unsafe Conditions In accordance with 29 CFR § 1977, occasions might arise when an employee is confronted with a choice between not performing assigned tasks or subjecting himself/herself to serious injury or death arising from a hazardous condition at the workplace. If the employee, with no reasonable alternative, refuses in good faith to expose himself/herself to the dangerous condition, he/she would be protected against subsequent discrimination. The condition causing the employee's apprehension of death or injury must be of such a nature that a reasonable person, under the circumstances then confronting the employee, would conclude that there is a real danger of death or serious injury and that there is insufficient time, due to the urgency of the situation, to eliminate the danger by resorting to regular statutory enforcement channels. In addition, in such circumstances, the employee, where possible, must also have sought from his Employer, and been unable to obtain, a correction of the dangerous condition.

  • Safe Conditions Whenever an employee reports a condition which the employee feels represents a violation of safety or health rules and regulations or which is an unreasonable hazard to persons or property, such conditions shall be promptly investigated. The appropriate administrator shall reply to the concern, in writing, if the employee's concern is communicated in writing.

  • Seller’s Conditions The obligations of Seller at the Closing are subject, at the option of Seller, to the satisfaction at or prior to the Closing of the following conditions:

  • Terms & Conditions These Terms & Conditions are effective as of the date you place your order and make your Order Fee (the “Order Date”).

  • Purchaser’s Conditions The respective obligation of each Purchaser to consummate the purchase of the Purchased Units shall be subject to the satisfaction on or prior to the Closing Date of each of the following conditions (any or all of which may be waived by such Purchaser in writing, in whole or in part with respect to its Purchased Units, to the extent permitted by applicable Law):

  • Specific Conditions If applicable, specific conditions required after a risk assessment will be included in Exhibit G. Grantee shall adhere to the specific conditions listed therein.