Office and Technical Employees Only Sample Clauses

Office and Technical Employees Only. (a) Overtime compensation shall not apply for hours worked until the regular hours worked exceed the regular scheduled hours for the applicable work week. Overtime hours on a regular scheduled shift do not apply as regular hours worked in the week. The following reasons shall be considered in the calculation of regular hours worked for the week:
Office and Technical Employees Only. The parties recognize that job opportunity and security shall increase in proportion to length of service. It’s therefore agreed that (subject to Article 12.01) senior employees shall be entitled to preference in all cases of job posting, transfer, lay-off (subject to Article 12.10 (l)), vacations, and rehiring after lay-off, subject to qualifications. The Company will establish reasonable qualifications for new jobs. Whenever a permanent opening becomes available, the Union will be notified of such opening and such openings will be posted and individuals who have expressed an interest in the specific job will be selected for the opening in accordance with seniority and qualifications. Office and Technical Employees are not eligible to bid on the position they currently occupy or hold a bid. All employees remain subject to change in assignment within their designated pool. Individuals who wish to move within their job can express interest in writing to their supervisor and preference will be given to that employee when the next vacancy in that job occurs.
Office and Technical Employees Only. Except by mutual agreement, employees excluded from the bargaining unit defined in this Article shall not perform work of employees covered by this Agreement, except in cases of emergency if no other qualified employee is available either on shift or off shift. It is recognized that excluded supervisors do certain routine work and this clause does not apply to such persons, provided that any work so performed shall not have the effect of jeopardizing employment in the bargaining unit.
Office and Technical Employees Only. 1. It is recognized that the Company in order to maintain efficiency of operations may hire temporary relief. Such persons shall not be permitted to bid on positions and shall not accumulate seniority. They also shall not be eligible for membership in the Company’s Benefit Plans.
Office and Technical Employees Only. The Company shall post the name of the successful bidder on the Union bulletin board within five (5) calendar days after the expiration of the fourteen (14) calendar day posting period. An employee who bid for and is awarded a job shall be given a reasonable trial period to demonstrate his ability to perform the work satisfactorily. If during the trial period it is determined that the employee cannot qualify, such employee shall revert to his former position.
Office and Technical Employees Only. Except in the case of a temporary vacancy of thirty (30) calendar days or less, when a permanent vacancy occurs notice of such vacancy shall be posted for either seven (7) calendar days (in consultation with the union) or fourteen
Office and Technical Employees Only. In the event of cutbacks or layoffs, an employee shall be deemed to have the right to a position according to seniority and qualification. An employee may bump into any position that they can hold. Employees bumping a position that they have not previously performed will be subject to the intermediate training rate for a period of six (6) months. It is therefore understood and agreed that management shall have the right to pass over any employee if it is established that they do not have the qualifications, ability or physical fitness to perform the work involved, even if they were given a reasonable trial or training period. An employee who refuses to exercise their bumping rights and elects to take a layoff will not be recalled unless the job from which they were laid off becomes available. Should a laid off employee wish to return to any other vacant jobs they must advise the Human Resources Department of such request, in writing, before becoming eligible for recall. Displaced Employee
Office and Technical Employees Only. Except in the case of a temporary vacancy of thirty
Office and Technical Employees Only. Flexible Schedule Employees who work in Office and Technical, will be afforded the opportunity to alter the start of their ongoing work schedule. Requests will be subject to the approval of their immediate supervisor and must be made one (1) week in advance. The start time requested shall be between the hours of 6:00AM and 9:00AM, shall not depart from the weekly departmental hours of work and cannot negatively impact operations.

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