Obligations or Liabilities Sample Clauses

Obligations or Liabilities. Each Acquired Company is not, and will not as of the applicable Closing, be subject to any obligations or liabilities, whether known or unknown, accrued or unaccrued, contingent or otherwise, which in the aggregate would have an Individual Material Adverse Effect, except (a) as disclosed pursuant to this Agreement, the Exhibits and the Schedules hereto, including the Financial Statements, (b) for any Loss Contingencies and (c) for Taxes.
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Related to Obligations or Liabilities

  • Indemnity Obligations (a) Labcorp shall indemnify and hold harmless Fortrea from and against, and will reimburse Fortrea for, (i) all liability for Taxes allocated to Labcorp pursuant to ARTICLE II, (ii) all Tax-Related Costs and Expenses allocated to Labcorp pursuant to Section 6.08, (iii) all Taxes, Tax-Related Costs and Expenses and Tax-Related Losses (without duplication) to the extent arising out of, based upon, or relating or attributable to any breach of or inaccuracy in, or failure to perform, as applicable, any representation, covenant or obligation of any member of the Labcorp Group pursuant to the Transaction Documents, and (iv) the amount of any Refund received by any member of the Labcorp Group that is owed to Fortrea pursuant to Section 2.06.

  • Limited Obligation or Liability In exercising remedies, whether as a secured creditor or otherwise, the Senior Representative shall have no obligation or liability to the Junior Representative or to any Junior Secured Party, regarding the adequacy of any Proceeds or for any action or omission, save and except solely for an action or omission that breaches the express obligations undertaken by each party under the terms of this Agreement.

  • Obligations of Contractor Contractor agrees that:

  • Other Liabilities Local Church represents and warrants that is has no loans, leases or other debts secured by the Real Property or Personal Property, except those matters set out Schedule 3.2, and that if any debts exist, secured or unsecured, it shall either satisfy all of its debts, loans, and liabilities, or assign or transfer such obligations to its new operating entity prior to or simultaneous with Closing, and solely bear the cost thereof. Local Church must provide sufficient documentation of the same to Annual Conference.

  • Obligations of Client Client shall:

  • Obligations of DOE a. In express reliance on the covenants and representations in this Compromise Agreement and to avoid further expenditure of public resources, XXX agrees to accept Respondent’s payment pursuant to section III.2.a in full satisfaction of the penalty authorized by the Act.

  • Obligations of Seller The obligations of the Seller under this Agreement shall not be affected by reason of any invalidity, illegality or irregularity of any Receivable.

  • Our Liability (a) The quality and reliability of your electricity supply and the quality, pressure and continuity of your gas supply is subject to a variety of factors that are beyond our control as your retailer, including accidents, emergencies, weather conditions, vandalism, system demand, the technical limitations of the distribution system and the acts of other persons (such as your distributor), including at the direction of a relevant authority.

  • No Implied Obligations The Warrant Agent shall be obligated to perform only such duties as are herein and in the Warrant Certificates specifically set forth and no implied duties or obligations shall be read into this Agreement or the Warrant Certificates against the Warrant Agent. The Warrant Agent shall not be under any obligation to take any action hereunder which may tend to involve it in any expense or liability, the payment of which within a reasonable time is not, in its reasonable opinion, assured to it. The Warrant Agent shall not be accountable or under any duty or responsibility for the use by the Company of any of the Warrant Certificates authenticated by the Warrant Agent and delivered by it to the Company pursuant to this Agreement or for the application by the Company of the proceeds of the Warrant Certificates. The Warrant Agent shall have no duty or responsibility in case of any default by the Company in the performance of its covenants or agreements contained herein or in the Warrant Certificates or in the case of the receipt of any written demand from a holder of a Warrant Certificate with respect to such default, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any duty or responsibility to initiate or attempt to initiate any proceedings at law or otherwise or, except as provided in Section 6.2 hereof, to make any demand upon the Company.

  • OBLIGATIONS OF THE BUYER a. The Buyer has furnished to the Company in Exhibit B hereto such information regarding itself, the Registrable Securities held by it and the intended method of disposition of the Registrable Securities held by it as required to effect the registration of such Registrable Securities and shall execute such documents in connection with such registration as the Company may reasonably request. The Company shall notify the Buyer in writing of any other information the Company reasonably requires from the Buyer in connection with any Registration Statement hereunder. The Buyer will as promptly as practicable notify the Company of any material change in the information set forth in Exhibit B, other than changes in its ownership of the Common Stock.