Obligations of Client Sample Clauses

Obligations of Client. Section 6.1 Client agrees to comply with all reasonable requests of Contractor necessary to the performance of Contractor’s duties under this Agreement. Client also agrees to provide access to all pertinent information and documentation necessary to the performance of Contractor’s services.
Obligations of Client. 6.1 CLIENT shall:
Obligations of Client. (a) The Client is bound by and must comply at all times with all rules, protocols, policies, procedures and induction requirements published by Viterra from time to time in the Pricing, Procedures and Protocols Manual, including those in relation to:
Obligations of Client. Client acknowledges that timely provision by Client of (and any and all access by Cylance to) relevant Client assistance, cooperation, and complete and accurate information and data, and securing all necessary third party consents and approvals, is essential to the performance of the TZ Services, and Cylance shall not be liable for any deficiency in performing the TZ Services if such deficiency results from the failure of Client to provide the foregoing. Client shall provide Cylance with appropriate information concerning, and reasonable access to, the computer systems of the Client and provide all information, access and full, good faith cooperation reasonably necessary to facilitate the TZ Services, including one or more employees of Client who have substantial computer systems and network and project management experience to act as a liaison between Client and Cylance. If Client fails or delays in its performance of any of the foregoing, Cylance shall be relieved of its obligations hereunder to the extent such obligations are dependent on such performance.
Obligations of Client. Client agrees to provide [Reviewer] with the following: • Reasonable access to Client and Sponsor; • Complete AUP’s; • Required Documents; and • Other related information reasonably requested by [Reviewer] to perform the Services hereunder.
Obligations of Client. 5.1 The Client will:
Obligations of Client. 3.1 Client shall use commercially reasonable efforts to perform all obligations required under this Contract substantially in accordance with the Work Instructions.
Obligations of Client. Client shall: