Number of Class A Shares Sample Clauses

Number of Class A Shares. (See *NOTE* below) *NOTE* A Purchase Price denominated in number of BT or ETH will represent the $USD equivalent thereof based on the exchange rate in effect at time of payment, less any fees or charges of the third-party exchange agent deducted from such amount. The number of Class A ordinary shares subscribed for in BT or ETH will be included on the Company’s countersigned signature page when the subscription has been finally accepted at the applicable closing.
Number of Class A Shares. (See *NOTE* below) SIGNATURE: [By clickingI Agree” I, Subscriber, have executed this Agreement intending to be legally bound] (Signature of subscriber or authorized officer) MASTERWORKS 120, LLC SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT SIGNATURE PAGE (This countersigned Signature Page will be returned to Subscriber when and if a subscription has been accepted immediately prior to the applicable closing) ACCEPTED AND AGREED TO: MASTERWORKS 120, LLC By: Name: Title: Chief Executive Officer Masterworks 120, LLC Attn: General Counsel 200 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, 00xx Xxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 (000) 000-0000 ANNEX A
Number of Class A Shares. Investment Amount $______________________________ Social Security Number (If You Are an Individual) Or Employer Identification Number (If You Are an Entity) _______________________________ _______________________________

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  • Reservation of Class A Ordinary Shares The Company shall at all times reserve and keep available a number of its authorized but unissued Class A ordinary shares that shall be sufficient to permit the exercise in full of all outstanding Warrants issued pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Number of Units The Participant is granted the number of RSUs as specified in the Participant’s account under the 0000 XXX grant, administered by Fidelity Investments or any successor thereto (“Fidelity”). A RSU is a hypothetical share of Verizon’s common stock. The value of a RSU on any given date shall be equal to the closing price of Verizon’s common stock on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) as of such date. A Dividend Equivalent Unit (“DEU”) or fraction thereof shall be added to each RSU each time that a dividend is paid on Verizon’s common stock. The amount of each DEU shall be equal to the corresponding dividend paid on a share of Verizon’s common stock. The DEU shall be converted into RSUs or fractions thereof based upon the closing price of Verizon’s common stock traded on the NYSE on the dividend payment date of each declared dividend on Verizon’s common stock, and such RSUs or fractions thereof shall be added to the Participant’s RSU balance. To the extent that Fidelity or the Company makes an error, including but not limited to an administrative error with respect to the number or value of the RSUs granted to the Participant under this Agreement, the DEUs credited to the Participant’s account or the amount of the final award payment, the Company or Fidelity specifically reserves the right to correct such error at any time and the Participant agrees that he or she shall be legally bound by any corrective action taken by the Company or Fidelity.

  • Number of Shares Subject to any previous exercise of the Warrant, the Holder shall have the right to purchase up to [ ] Shares, as may be adjusted pursuant hereto prior to (or in connection with) the expiration of this Warrant as provided in Section 8.

  • ATTRIBUTION OF CLASS C SHARES Class C shares that are outstanding from time to time, shall be attributed to the Distributor and each Successor Distributor in accordance with the following rules;

  • Class A Common Stock The Class A Common Stock is entitled to one vote per share and, generally, votes together with the Class B Common Stock as a single class. The Class A Common Stock and Class B Common Stock are on parity on a per share basis with respect to dividend and liquidation rights.

  • Number of Votes With respect to all meetings of stockholders of the Parent at which holders of shares of Parent Common Shares are entitled to vote (a "Parent Meeting") and with respect to all written consents sought by the Parent from its stockholders including the holders of shares of Parent Common Shares (a "Parent Consent"), each Shareholder shall be entitled to cast and exercise, in the manner instructed, the Voting Rights ordinarily attributable to one Parent Common Share for each Exchangeable Non-Voting Share owned of record by such Shareholder on the record date established by the Parent or by applicable law for such Parent Meeting or Parent Consent, as the case may be (the "Shareholder Votes") in respect of each matter, question or proposition to be voted on at such Parent Meeting or to be consented to in connection with such Parent Consent.

  • Reallocation to a Class with a Lower Salary Range Maximum 1. If the employee meets the skills and abilities requirements of the position and chooses to remain in the reallocated position, the employee retains existing appointment status and has the right to be placed on the Employer’s internal layoff list for the classification occupied prior to the reallocation.

  • Adjustment of Number of Common Shares and Exercise Price The subscription rights in effect under the Warrants for Common Shares issuable upon the exercise of the Warrants shall be subject to adjustment from time to time as follows:

  • Original Class A Percentage Section 11.05 Original Principal Balances of the Classes of Class A Certificates................................................. Section 11.06 Original Class A Non-PO Principal Balance..................... Section 11.07

  • Calculation of Number and Percentage of Beneficial Ownership of Outstanding Voting Shares For purposes of this Agreement, the percentage of Voting Shares Beneficially Owned by any Person, shall be and be deemed to be the product (expressed as a percentage) determined by the formula: 100 x A/B where: A = the number of votes for the election of all directors generally attaching to the Voting Shares Beneficially Owned by such Person; and