nspections and AuditsINSPECTIONS AND AUDITS Sample Clauses

nspections and AuditsINSPECTIONS AND AUDITS. 19 A. ADMINISTRATOR, any authorized representative of COUNTY, any authorized representativet o the extent permissible under applicable law Services20 of the State of California, the Secretary of the United States Department of H HS Health and Human2122 shall, the Comptroller General of the United States, or any other of their authorized representatives,have access to any books, documents, and records,23 including but not limited to, financial statements, general ledgers, relevant accounting systems, medical24 and client Client records, of CONTRACTOR that are directly pertinent to this Agreement, for the25 purpose of responding to a beneficiary complaint or conducting an audit, review, evaluation, or26 examination, or making transcripts during the periods of retention set forth in the Records Management27 and Maintenance Paragraph of this Agreement. Such persons may at all reasonable times inspect or28 otherwise evaluate the services provided pursuant to this Agreement, and the premises in which they are29 provided.30 1. These audits, reviews, evaluations, or examinations may include, but are not limited to, the31 following:32 a. Level and quality of care, including the necessity and appropriateness of the services33 provided.34 b. Internal procedures for assuring efficiency, economy, and quality of care.35 c. Compliance with COUNTY Client G rievancesGrievance Procedures.36 d. Financial records when determined necessary to protect public funds.37 2. COUNTY shall provide CONTRACTOR with at least seventy-two (72) hours’ notice of