NOW, LESSOR Sample Clauses

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  • Lessor The Lessor designated on this Lease and its respective successors and assigns. Lessor Indemnified Party: Lessor, any Affiliate of Lessor, including the Company, any other Person against whom any claim for indemnification may be asserted hereunder as a result of a direct or indirect ownership interest in Lessor, the officers, trustees, directors, stockholders, partners, members, employees, agents and representatives of any of the foregoing Persons and of any stockholder, partner, member, agent, or representative of any of the foregoing Persons, and the respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of any such officer, trustee, director, partner, member, stockholder, employee, agent or representative.

  • By Lessor To the extent permitted by state and federal law and its charter or by-laws, Lessor shall forever protect, save and keep Lessee and its permitted successors and assigns harmless and indemnify Lessor against and from any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, suits, judgments, penalties, expenses and liabilities or any kind or nature whatsoever, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising directly or indirectly out of (i) the willful misconduct of Lessor, its agents or employees, in connection with the performance of this Agreement; (ii) any programming transmitted by Lessor during any of Lessor's Airtime.

  • Lessee The related Lessee is a Person other than MBFS USA, any Affiliate thereof or a Governmental Authority and, at the time of origination of the 201[__]-[__] Lease, based on information provided by the Lessee, the Lessee is located in and has a billing address within a State.

  • Landlords’ Agreements, Mortgagee Agreements, Bailee Letters and Real Estate Purchases Each Credit Party shall use its reasonable efforts to obtain a landlord’s agreement, mortgagee agreement or bailee letter, as applicable, from the lessor of each leased property (including, without limitation, farms), mortgagee of owned property or bailee with respect to any warehouse, processor or converter facility or other location where ABL Priority Collateral with a book value in excess of $5,000,000 is stored or located, which agreement or letter shall (unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Administrative Agent) contain a waiver or subordination of all Liens or claims that the landlord, mortgagee or bailee may assert against the Collateral at that location, and shall otherwise be reasonably satisfactory in form and substance to Administrative Agent. With respect to such locations or warehouse space leased or owned as of the Initial Borrowing Date and thereafter, if the Collateral Agent has not received a landlord or mortgagee agreement or bailee letter as of the Initial Borrowing Date (or, if later, as of the date such location is acquired or leased), any Eligible Inventory at that location shall, in Administrative Agent’s reasonable discretion, be subject to such Reserves as may be established by Administrative Agent in its Permitted Discretion. Each Credit Party shall timely and fully pay and perform its obligations under all leases and other agreements with respect to each leased location or public warehouse where any Collateral is or may be located except to the extent that the same are being contested in good faith.

  • Consent of Master Lessor 9.1 In the event that the Master Lease requires that Sublessor obtain the consent of Master Lessor to any subletting by Sublessor then, this Sublease shall not be effective unless, within ten days of the date hereof, Master Lessor signs this Sublease thereby giving its consent to this Subletting.

  • LANDLORD The covenants and obligations contained in this Lease on the part of Landlord are binding on Landlord, its successors, and assigns only during their respective period of ownership of an interest in the Building. In the event of any transfer or transfers of such title to the Building, Landlord (and, in the case of any subsequent transfers or conveyances, the then grantor) shall be concurrently freed and relieved from and after the date of such transfer or conveyance, without any further instrument or agreement, of all liability with respect to the performance of any covenants or obligations on the part of Landlord contained in this Lease thereafter to be performed.

  • By Lessee Lessee shall indemnify the Lessor, the Lessor’s Representative, and their Board members, directors, officers, employees, agents and authorized volunteers (the “Lessor Indemnitees”) against and will hold and save them and each of them harmless from any and all actions, claims, damages to persons or property, penalties, obligations or liabilities that may be asserted or claimed by any person, firm entity, corporation, political subdivision or other organization (collectively “Losses”) arising out of or in connection with the installation, operation or activities of Lessee, its agents, employees, subcontractors or invitees, provided for herein, whether or not there is concurrent passive or active negligence on the part of the Lessor Indemnitees for injury to or death of persons, including, but not limited to, employees of Lessee or Lessor, and damage or destruction of property, including, but not limited to, property of Lessee, any utility company or Lessor, or other loss or damage incurred by Lessor, but only to the extent caused by (A) the negligence, fraud or willful misconduct of Lessee, its agents, officers, directors, employees or contractors on or at the Premises or the Sites in connection with this Agreement or (B) the material breach by Lessee of any of its obligations under this Agreement, but excluding such actions, claims, damages to persons or property penalties, obligations or liabilities arising from the sole established negligence, fraud or willful misconduct of the Lessor, the Lessor’s Representative, or those who are directly responsible to them. In connection therewith: (a) Lessee will defend any action or actions filed in connection with any of said claims, damages, penalties, obligations or liabilities and will pay all costs and expenses, including attorney's fees incurred in connection therewith; and (b) Lessee will promptly pay any judgment rendered against Lessee, and/or the Lessor Indemnitees covering such claims, damages, penalties, obligations and liabilities arising out of or in connection with such installation, operations, or activities of Lessee hereunder and Lessee agrees to save and hold the Lessor Indemnitees harmless therefore.

  • Mortgagee Upon WTC giving any notice in accordance with Section 11.1, Mortgagee shall (if and so long as such citizenship is necessary under the Act as in effect at such time or, if it is not necessary, if and so long as Mortgagee's citizenship could have any adverse effect on Owner, or any Note Holder), subject to Section 9.02 of the Trust Indenture, resign as Mortgagee promptly upon its ceasing to be such a citizen.

  • Assignment Subleasing The Tenant shall not assign or sublet or otherwise transfer, voluntarily or involuntarily, the whole or any part of the Premises or this Lease, without the consent of the Landlord, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed, provided the Tenant shall give Landlord written notice of the terms of the assignment, sublease or transfer and that the proposed assignee, sublessee or transferree is of good reputation and financial condition and its proposed use is permitted by all applicable by-laws and regulations, such proposed use is substantially identical to the Permitted Use and do not involve the handling, storage, or generation of Hazardous Substances, excluding from the foregoing nominal amounts of Hazardous Substances used in cleaning and provided further that Tenant shall pay all reasonable legal and other fees incurred by Landlord in connection with reviewing and approving any such assignment, sublease or transfer. Notwithstanding such consent, Tenant shall remain fully liable to Landlord for the payment of all Rent and for the full performance of the covenants and conditions of this Lease. It shall also be a condition of the validity of the assignment that the assignee agree directly with Landlord, in form satisfactory to Landlord, to be bound by all Tenant obligations under this Lease. The acceptance by the Landlord of the payment of Rent shall not constitute the consent by the Landlord to any such assignment, sublease or transfer nor shall the same constitute a waiver of any right or remedy of the Landlord. Without limitation of the rights of Landlord hereunder in respect thereto, if there is any assignment of this Lease by Tenant for consideration or a subletting of the whole of the Premises by Tenant at a rent which exceeds the rent payable hereunder by Tenant, or if there is a subletting of a portion of the Premises by Tenant at a rent in excess of the subleased portion’s pro rata share of the rent payable hereunder by Tenant, then Tenant shall pay to Landlord, as additional rent, forthwith upon Tenant’s receipt of the consideration (or the cash equivalent thereof) therefor, in the case of an assignment, and/or in the case of a subletting, One Hundred (100%) percent of such excess rent. For the purposes of this Section 13, the term “rent” shall mean all Base Rent, Additional Rent or other payments and/or consideration payable by one party to the other for the use and occupancy of all or a portion of the Premises. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, Tenant shall have the right, without obtaining Landlord’s consent or providing any excess rent to Landlord, to assign, sublet or transfer all or any part of the Premises or this Lease to (a) an Affiliated Entity (hereinafter defined) so long as such entity remains in such relationship to Tenant, and (b) a Successor, provided that prior to or simultaneously with any such transfer, such Affiliated Entity or Successor, as the case may be, agrees directly with Landlord, in form satisfactory to Landlord, to be bound by all Tenant obligations under this Lease. For the purposes hereof, an “Affiliated Entity” shall be defined as any entity which is controlled by, is under common control with, or which controls Tenant. For the purposes hereof, a “Successor” shall be defined as any entity into or with which Tenant is merged or with which Tenant is consolidated or which acquires all or substantially all of Tenant’s stock or assets, provided that the surviving entity shall have a net worth at least as great as Tenant’s upon execution of this Lease. At Tenant’s request and Tenant’s sole cost and expense, Landlord shall execute such commercially reasonable documents and instruments as Tenant may reasonably request in connection with a Transfer.

  • Conveyance by Lessor Lessor may assign this Lease to any purchaser of the Leased Property. If Lessor or any successor owner of the Leased Property conveys the Leased Property in accordance with the terms hereof other than as security for a debt, and the grantee or transferee of the Leased Property expressly assumes all obligations of Lessor hereunder arising or accruing from and after the date of such conveyance or transfer, Lessor or such successor owner, as the case may be, shall thereupon be released from all future liabilities and obligations of Lessor under this Lease arising or accruing from and after the date of such conveyance or other transfer as to the Leased Property and all such future liabilities and obligations shall thereupon be binding upon the new owner.