Notification to the Individual Sample Clauses

Notification to the Individual. It is the sole responsibility of the Covered Entity to notify Individuals of any Breach of Unsecured PHI. At no time, is the Business Associate to contact or speak directly to any of Covered Entity’s patients/individuals who are the subject of any Breach. Any such inquiries should be directed to the Covered Entity’s Compliance and/or Privacy Officer. Business Associate shall cooperate with Covered Entity as necessary to provide such notification and any details pertaining to any Breach.
Notification to the Individual. The DPO must assess whether it is appropriate to notify the individual(s) whose data has been breached. If it is determined that the breach is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the individual(s) then they must be notified by the <school/academy>.

Related to Notification to the Individual

  • Notification to the Union The Employer shall advise the Union of the appointment, termination, or change of status of each Employee in the bargaining unit in accordance with Article 8.06.

  • Notification to Employees The Employer will inform new, transferred, promoted, or demoted employees in writing prior to appointment into positions included in the bargaining unit(s) of the Union’s exclusive representation status. Upon appointment to a bargaining unit position, the Employer will furnish the employees with membership materials provided by the Union. The Employer will inform employees in writing, if they are subsequently appointed to a position that is not in a bargaining unit.

  • Notification to Employer The Union shall notify the Employer of the names, including the department wherein the employee is employed, of the members of the Board of Directors and Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee.

  • Notification to Union The Hospital will provide the union with a list, monthly, of all hirings, lay-offs, recalls, and positions which have been vacated within the bargaining unit where such information is available or becomes readily available through the Hospital's payroll system.

  • Information to the Union 9.01 The Employer will forward to the Secretary of the Union at least once a month, the name, address and telephone number of all newly-hired employees who will be included in the bargaining unit. The Employer further agrees to inform the Union of the name of any employee in the bargaining unit leaving the employ of the Employer.