Notification of commercial use Sample Clauses

Notification of commercial use. The Settlement System Administrator shall promptly notify the Executive Committee if it uses the Software for a purpose other than that envisaged under the SSA Arrangements, including its sale, licence, development or otherwise being made available howsoever to any other person with such details as the Executive Committee may reasonably request.

Related to Notification of commercial use

  • Notification of Changes Subscriber agrees and covenants to notify the Company immediately upon the occurrence of any event prior to the consummation of this Offering that would cause any representation, warranty, covenant or other statement contained in this Agreement to be false or incorrect or of any change in any statement made herein occurring prior to the consummation of this Offering.

  • Application for Use To utilize his/her sick leave allowance, the employee must file a written application with the Employer specifying the basis of the request is: "illness", "injury", "serious health condition as defined by the FMLA", "dependent care", "medical/dental appointment" "bereavement", or “donated to name of employee” Employees shall be notified as to the approval or denial of their leave requests within a reasonable period of time.

  • Notification of Change The Union shall be notified in advance when possible of any extended change in the present working schedule; however, the provisions of this Contract shall not be considered as a guarantee by the Company of a minimum number of hours per day or per week or pay in lieu thereof, nor a limitation on the maximum hours per day or per week which may be required to meet operating conditions.

  • Notice of variation of order of application The Agent may give notices under Clause 17.2 from time to time; and such a notice may be stated to apply not only to sums which may be received or recovered in the future, but also to any sum which has been received or recovered on or after the third Business Day before the date on which the notice is served.

  • Notification of Recall Notification of recall from layoff shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, deliverable to addressee only, to the employee's last known address. The notice shall give the employee a minimum of ten (10) calendar days within which to respond after the notice of recall has been mailed. Employees who decline recall or who, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, fail to respond within the time set for return to work, shall be presumed to have resigned and their name shall be removed from the seniority and preferred eligibility list.

  • Publication of Registration Data Registry Operator shall provide public access to registration data in accordance with Specification 4 attached hereto (“Specification 4”).

  • Information for Regulatory Compliance Each of the Company and the Depositary shall provide to the other, as promptly as practicable, information from its records or otherwise available to it that is reasonably requested by the other to permit the other to comply with applicable law or requirements of governmental or regulatory authorities.

  • Variation of order of application The Agent may, with the authorisation of the Majority Lenders and the Swap Bank, by notice to the Borrowers, the Security Parties and the other Creditor Parties provide for a different manner of application from that set out in Clause 17.1 either as regards a specified sum or sums or as regards sums in a specified category or categories.

  • Publicity and Use of Trademarks or Service Marks 34.1 A Party, its Affiliates, and their respective contractors and Agents, shall not use the other Party’s trademarks, service marks, logos or other proprietary trade dress, in connection with the sale of products or services, or in any advertising, press releases, publicity matters or other promotional materials, unless the other Party has given its written consent for such use, which consent the other Party may grant or withhold in its sole discretion.

  • Application of clause (1) Clause 11 applies if the Buyer, Seller and each Financial Institution involved in the transaction agree to an Electronic Settlement using the same ELNO System and overrides any other provision of this contract to the extent of any inconsistency.