NOTICES AND Sample Clauses

NOTICES AND. Correspondence
NOTICES AND. COMMUNICATIONS 4.1 Any notice required or permitted to be given by one Party to the other pursuant to this Agreement shall be in writing (unless otherwise provided) and may be delivered by hand, transmitted by telecopy or sent by U.S. mail addressed in accordance with the particulars for notices set forth in Section 4.2 below. A Party shall have the right to change any of the particulars of its address by giving a notice in accordance with this Article 4. Any payment required to be made pursuant to this Agreement shall be made at the address and in the manner provided herein.
NOTICES AND. COMMUNICATIONS, is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced by the following:

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  • Notices, Etc to Trustee and Company. Any request, demand, authorization, direction, notice, consent, waiver or Act of Holders or other document provided or permitted by this Indenture to be made upon, given or furnished to, or filed with,

  • Notices and Requests Any notice, consent or other communication ("Notice") required or permitted under this Agreement shall be in writing and signed by the proper authority and either: (i) delivered to the party at the address set forth below; (ii) deposited in the United States mail, registered or certified, return receipt requested, to the address set forth below; or (iii) given to a recognized and reputable overnight delivery service, to the address set forth below: If to RPTA: Regional Public Transportation Authority 101 North 1st Ave., Suite 1300 Phoenix, Arizona 85003 (Attention: Stephen R. Banta, Chief Executive Officer) If to TEMPE: City of Tempe 200 East 5th Street Tempe, Arizona 85281 (Attention: Gregory M. Jordan, Deputy Public Works Director) With a copy to: City Attorney City of Tempe 21 East Sixth Street, Suite 201 P.O. Box 5002 Tempe, Arizona 85280 or at such other address, and to the attention of such other person or officer as any party may designate in writing by Notice duly given pursuant to this section. Notices shall be deemed received: (a) when delivered to the party; (b) five business days after being placed in the United States Mail, properly address, with sufficient postage; or (c) the following business day after being given to a recognized overnight delivery service, with the person giving the Notice paying all required charges and instructing the delivery service to deliver on the following business day. If a copy of a Notice is also given to the party’s counsel or other recipient, the provisions above governing the date on which a notice is deemed to have been received by a party shall mean and refer to the date on which the party, and not its counsel or other recipient to which a copy of the Notice may be sent, is deemed to have received the Notice.

  • Notices and Demands Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, a notice, demand or other communication under this Agreement by any party to any other shall be sufficiently given or delivered if it is dispatched by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested, or delivered personally, and

  • Notices and Communications Any legal notice under this Agreement shall be in writing to the other party at such address as the other party may designate from time to time for the receipt of such legal notice and shall be deemed to be received on the earlier of the date actually received or on the fourth day after the postmark if such legal notice is mailed first class postage prepaid. In relation to communications other than legal notices under this Agreement, each party may communicate with and provide information to the other party in whatever medium deemed appropriate. This may include the use of e-mail, the internet or other electronic means, in the place of paper communications.

  • Notices and Communication Any notice or other communication that either party gives relating to the purchase of the Products by the Company shall be made in writing and given either by hand, first class recorded postal delivery, or electronic mail to a previously designated authorized individual or facsimile transmission.

  • Demands, Notices and Communications All formal demands, notices and communications by and among Fannie Mae, the Certificate Registrar, the Paying Agent and the Holder of any Certificate shall be in writing and delivered in person or by first class mail, postage prepaid (a) if to Fannie Mae, to the Corporate Secretary of Fannie Mae, 3900 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016, or to such other address as shall be set forth in a notification to Certificateholders, or (b) if to the Holder of a Certificate, to the appropriate Holder in care of the Reserve Bank at the address provided to Fannie Mae by such Reserve Bank. Any notice so mailed within the time prescribed in this Trust Agreement shall be conclusively presumed to have been duly given whether or not the Person to whom such notice shall have been directed receives such notice.

  • Notices; Time All notices and other communications provided under each Loan Document shall be in writing (including by facsimile) and addressed, delivered or transmitted, if to the Borrower, the Administrative Agent or a Lender to the applicable Person at its address or facsimile number set forth on Schedule II hereto or set forth in a Lender Assignment Agreement, or at such other address or facsimile number as may be designated by such party in a notice to the other parties. Any notice, if mailed and properly addressed with postage prepaid or if properly addressed and sent by pre-paid courier service, shall be deemed given when received; any notice, if transmitted by facsimile, shall be deemed given when the confirmation of transmission thereof is received by the transmitter. Electronic mail and Internet and intranet websites may be used only to distribute routine communications, such as financial statements and other information as provided in Section 7.1.1, and to distribute Loan Documents for execution by the parties thereto, and may not be used for any other purpose, except with the consent of the Administrative Agent. The parties hereto agree that delivery of an executed counterpart of a signature page to this Agreement and each other Loan Document by facsimile shall be effective as delivery of an original executed counterpart of this Agreement or such other Loan Document. Unless otherwise indicated, all references to the time of a day in a Loan Document shall refer to New York time.

  • Notices and Waivers (a) All notices relating to this MOLA shall be delivered to DIR or Lessor as specified in Section 6 of the Contract, or to another representative and address subsequently specified in writing by the appropriate parties hereto. All notices relating to a Schedule shall be delivered in person to an officer of Lessor or Lessee or shall be given by certified or registered mail or overnight carrier to Lessor or Lessee at its respective address shown on the Schedule or to another address subsequently specified in writing by the appropriate parties thereof. DIR, Lessee, and Lessor intend and agree that a photocopy or facsimile of this MOLA or a Schedule and all related documents, including but not limited to the Acceptance Certificate, with their signatures thereon shall be treated as originals, and shall be deemed to be as binding, valid, genuine, and authentic as an original signature document for all purposes.

  • Notices and Addresses All notices, offers, acceptance and any other acts under this Agreement (except payment) shall be in writing, and shall be sufficiently given if delivered to the addressees in person, by Federal Express or similar receipted delivery, by facsimile delivery or, if mailed, postage prepaid, by certified mail, return receipt requested, as follows: 123 Form 8-K/A No. 2, Exhibit 2 To the Company: New College Directory Publishing, Inc. 1000 Conshohocken Road, 4th Floor Conshohocken, PA 19428 Facsimile: (610) 940-1520 With a copy to: Mr. Peter S. Balise The Publishing Company of North America, Inc. 186 N. Industrial Park Drive Lake Helen, Florida 32744 Facsimile: (904) 228-0271 To the Executive: John S. Rafanello 2811 West Crossing Circle Norristown, PA 19403 With a copy to: Alan Frank, Esq. Frank & Rosen 1601 Market Street, Suite 2230 Philadelphia, PA 19103 Facsimile: (215) 864-2929 or to such other address as either of them, by notice to the other may designate from time to time. The transmission confirmation receipt from the sender's facsimile machine shall be conclusive evidence of successful facsimile delivery. Time shall be counted to, or from, as the case may be, the delivery in person or by mailing.

  • Notices; Communications (a) Except in the case of notices and other communications expressly permitted to be given by telephone (and except as provided in Section 9.01(b) below), all notices and other communications provided for herein shall be in writing and shall be delivered by hand or overnight courier service, mailed by certified or registered mail or sent by telecopier or other electronic means as follows, and all notices and other communications expressly permitted hereunder to be given by telephone shall be made to the applicable telephone number, as follows: