Notice and Other Information to be given to BAM Sample Clauses

Notice and Other Information to be given to BAM. The Municipality will provide BAM with all notices and other information it is obligated to provide (i) under its Continuing Disclosure Undertaking for the 2020A Bonds even if such bonds are no longer outstanding and (ii) to KDHE under the Security Documents. All financial information described in Section 3.02(m) required to be delivered by the Municipality to KDHE shall also be delivered to BAM at the times described in Section 3.02(m). The notice address of BAM is: Build America Mutual Assurance Company, 200 Liberty Street, 27th Floor, New York, NY 10281, Attention: Surveillance, Re: Policy No. , Telephone: (212) 235-2500, Telecopier: (212) 235-1542, Email: In each case in which notice or other communication refers to an event of default or a claim on the Policy, then a copy of such notice or other communication shall also be sent to the attention of the General Counsel at the same address and at or at Telecopier: (212) 235-5214 and shall be marked to indicate “URGENT MATERIAL ENCLOSED.”