Noongar Community Sample Clauses

Noongar Community 

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  • Community Participation Goods and works required for Part A of the Project shall be procured in accordance with procedures acceptable to the Association.

  • Management; Community Policies Owner may retain employees and management agents from time to time to manage the Property, and Owner’s agent may retain other employees or contractors. Resident, on behalf of himself or herself and his or her Guests, agrees to comply fully with all directions from Owner and its employees and agents, and the rules and regulations (including all amendments and additions thereto, except those that substantially modify the Resident’s bargain and to which Resident timely objects) as contained in this Agreement and the Community Policies of the Property. The Community Policies are available at xxxx:// or on request from the management office and are considered part of this Agreement.

  • Community Outreach The Xxxxxx County Sheriff's Office will, if necessary, engage in Steering Committee meetings to assess the immigration enforcement activities conducted by the participating Xxxxxx County Sheriff's Office personnel, and to ensure compliance with the terms of this MOA.

  • School District For purposes of administering this Agreement, the term “School District” shall mean the School Board or its designated representative.