Non Admission of Liability Sample Clauses

Non-Admission of Liability. The parties understand and agree that neither the payment of any sum of money nor the execution of this Agreement by the parties will constitute or be construed as an admission of any wrongdoing or liability whatsoever by any party.

Non-Admission of Liability. Neither this Agreement nor the offer by Employer to enter into this Agreement shall in any way be construed as an admission by Employer that it has acted wrongfully with respect to Employee or any other person, or that Employee has any rights whatsoever against Tyson. Employer specifically disclaims any liability to or wrongful acts against Employee or any other person, on the part of itself and any of the other Releasees (as defined in Section 11 below).

Non-Admission of Liability. By entering into this Agreement, EDS does not admit it has done anything wrong.

Non-Admission of Liability. By execution of this Release, each party specifically denies any wrongdoing as to the other party, and specifically disclaims any violation of any law, contract, public policy, or the commission of any tort.

Non-Admission of Liability. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as an admission of liability by Executive or the Released Parties; rather, Executive and the Released Parties are resolving all matters arising out of their employer-employee relationship and all other relationships between Executive and the Released Parties, as to which the Released Parties and Executive each deny any liability.

Non-Admission of Liability. Neither this Agreement nor anything contained herein shall constitute or is to be construed as an admission by the Company or its Affiliates or the Executive as evidence of any liability, wrongdoing or unlawful conduct.

Non-Admission of Liability. Executive acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement does not constitute or reflect in any way any wrongdoing or admission of wrongdoing by the Company in connection with any aspect of Executive's employment with and/or separation from the Company. Executive further agrees that this Agreement will not be raised or admissible as evidence in connection with any proceeding to show liability or wrongdoing of any kind on the part of the Company, any of its former, current and future parents, predecessors, affiliates, subsidiaries, and its and their former, current or future officers, directors, agents, employees, successors and/or assigns, except to the extent necessary to enforce its provisions.

Non-Admission of Liability. The Parties agree that nothing contained in this Agreement is to be construed as an admission of liability, fault, or improper action on the part of either of the Parties.

Non-Admission of Liability. Neither this Agreement nor any action taken by the Company pursuant to it shall in any way be construed as an admission by the Company of any liability, wrongdoing, or violation of law, regulation, contract or policy regarding any of the Company's decisions and actions regarding the employment or separation from employment of Employee.

Non-Admission of Liability. The parties agree and acknowledge that the agreement by MSG described herein, and the settlement and termination of any asserted or unasserted claims against any of the Releasees, are not and shall not be construed to be an admission of any violation of any federal, state or local statute or regulation, or of any duty owed, contractual or otherwise, by any of the Releasees to you.