No Rehire Sample Clauses

No Rehire. Employee shall not be subject to rehire as an employee of Employer, or any of them.
No Rehire. The Executive will not seek rehire with the Employer.
No Rehire. Eramian understands and agrees that, as a condition of receiving the consideration described in Paragraph 2 and 3 herein, he will not be entitled to any future employment with CTI, its subsidiaries or affiliates. Eramian further agrees that he will not apply for or otherwise seek future employment with or engagement by CTI, its subsidiaries or affiliates in any capacity, including employee, independent contractor or vendor.
No Rehire. Employee agrees not to apply for any position as an employee or contractor of Company (as defined herein).
No Rehire. Employee agrees that Employer has no obligation, contractual or otherwise, to rehire, re-employ or recall Employee in the future.
No Rehire. Employee shall not be subject to rehire as an employee of Employer.
No Rehire. Except as set forth herein, The Pantry and Employee agree that this Separation Agreement terminates all aspects of the relationship between them for all time. Employee acknowledges that Employee has no expectation of re-employment with The Pantry and no expectation of employment with any Releasee and agrees that Employee will not seek or otherwise apply for employment, reinstatement, reemployment, or independent contractor status with The Pantry or any Releasee, unless specifically requested to reapply, in writing, by the CEO.
No Rehire. Executive shall not seek employment or any agency relationship with the Company at any time. For purposes of this paragraph only "the Company" shall mean Switchboard, Inc. and Epresence, Inc. as those corporations are presently configured, regardless of the name of the corporate entity.
No Rehire. HEADLEY agrees that, subsequent to his execution of this Agreement, he shall not be eligible for rehire by the COMPANY, or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, parent companies, or other related entities, and shall not apply for any position with the COMPANY subsequent to the effective date of the Agreement.