No Less Favorable Sample Clauses

No Less Favorable. The terms and conditions set forth above shall be interpreted and implemented on a no less favorable basis than the terms and conditions contained in the Pilots’ Agreement.

Related to No Less Favorable

  • No exceptions (2) Employees who are Participants in the Plan as of the Effective Date.

  • No Exception The Custodian has not noted any material exceptions on a Custodial Mortgage Loan Schedule with respect to the Mortgage Loan which would materially adversely affect the Mortgage Loan or Buyer’s interest in the Mortgage Loan.

  • No Encroachments To the Mortgage Loan Seller’s knowledge based solely on surveys obtained in connection with origination and the Title Policy obtained in connection with the origination of each Mortgage Loan, and except for encroachments that do not materially and adversely affect the current marketability or principal use of the Mortgaged Property: (a) all material improvements that were included for the purpose of determining the appraised value of the related Mortgaged Property at the time of the origination of such Mortgage Loan are within the boundaries of the related Mortgaged Property, except for encroachments that are insured against by the applicable Title Policy; (b) no material improvements on adjoining parcels encroach onto the related Mortgaged Property except for encroachments that are insured against by the applicable Title Policy; and (c) no material improvements encroach upon any easements except for encroachments that are insured against by the applicable Title Policy.

  • Longer/Shorter Length of Coverage If none of the above rules determine the order of benefits, the benefits of the plan that covered a member or subscriber longer are determined before those of the plan that covered that person for the shorter term.

  • No Avoidance The Company shall not, by amendment of its certificate of incorporation or by-laws or through any consolidation, merger, reorganization, transfer of assets, dissolution, issue or sale of securities or any other voluntary action, avoid or seek to avoid the observance or performance of any of the terms of this Warrant, but will at all times in good faith assist in the carrying out of all such terms and in the taking of all such action as may be necessary or appropriate in order to protect the rights of the holder of this Warrant against dilution or other impairment as if the holder was a shareholder of the Company entitled to the benefit of fiduciary duties afforded to shareholders under Pennsylvania law.

  • No Agreements No person has any agreement or option, or any right or privilege (whether by law, pre-emptive or contractual) capable of becoming an agreement or option, for the purchase, acquisition or Transfer of any of the Subject Securities, or any interest therein or right thereto, except pursuant to this Agreement or the Arrangement Agreement.

  • No Annexation Any and all equipment placed on the premises of a Party shall be and remain the property of the Party providing such equipment regardless of the mode and manner of annexation or attachment to real property, unless otherwise mutually agreed by the Parties.

  • No Estoppel No course of action or failure to act by the Owner or any of its officers, members, employees, agents or other representatives shall serve to modify this Contract, waive rights under it or arising from its breach, or to stop the Owner from enforcing its terms.

  • Agreement Exceptions/Deviations Explanation If the proposing Vendor desires to deviate form the Vendor Agreement language, all such deviations must be listed on this attribute, with complete and detailed conditions and information included. TIPS will consider any deviations in its proposal award decisions, and TIPS reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal based upon any deviations indicated below. In the absence of any deviation entry on this attribute, the proposer assures TIPS of their full compliance with the Vendor Agreement. No response