No Guarantee of Results Sample Clauses

No Guarantee of Results. Sponsor does not undertake that any Study shall lead to any particular result, nor is the success of any Study guaranteed. Neither Party accepts any responsibility for any use that the other Party may make of Study Data nor for advice or information given in connection therewith.
No Guarantee of Results. STUDENT understands that INSTRUCTOR assures their commitment to teach the best class possible but does not guarantee STUDENT’s efforts and subsequent results. STUDENT understands that in order to obtain maximum results he/she must work diligently to actively pursue success and understands they will need to perform additional self-study and case law research beyond class material prior to making any decisions. Signing this agreement acknowledges that STUDENT is aware of the work involved in proceeding with their status correction class studies, and that certain actions by other parties are not predictable. Once original training materials are delivered and 3 calendar days have passed, STUDENT waives any right to cancel after that, or exercise credit card chargebacks or return of orders. STUDENT further agrees that a chargeback effectively forms an agreement to pay a cancellation fee of $200 for processing of charge backs. Course material sales are final, except where specifically indicated. If a multi-part pricing structure is offered, some material will not be delivered until after the 2nd payment is cleared.
No Guarantee of Results. NuStart makes no guarantees with regard to the amount of weight Client may lose or the rate at which such weight loss will occur. The Services are designed for a safe rate of weight loss of up to two pounds per week, after the first three (3) weeks. If client loses weight at a greater rate, Client must immediately notify NuStart to allow it to adjust the Services being provided to Client.
No Guarantee of Results. VVS Academy and Olson in no way, shape, or form, either expressly or impliedly guarantee the results of Client. Much of Client’s results will be dependent on Client’s focus, willingness to work hard, and other variables which are outside of VVS Academy and Olson’s control such as Client’s habits, financial instability, and working conditions. Much of the results, however, will be based off of Client absorbing education materials prescribed by VVS Academy.
No Guarantee of Results. The Parties hereby acknowledge that, as with all research and development activities, it is not possible to guarantee that the performance of the Services will be successful within a specified time frame or at all. In particular, the Parties further acknowledge that it is not possible for Evotec to guarantee that the performance of (i) the Structural Biology Services will generate any Structures; (ii) the Assay Development Services will result in the development of a useful Assay; or (iii) the Profiling Services and Screening Services will generate any Hits. So long as Evotec complies with the obligations of Evotec set forth in Section 17(a) of this Agreement, the Foundation hereby acknowledges and agrees that Evotec shall not be liable for the failure of the performance of the Services to generate any useful results.
No Guarantee of Results. The Member understands that 4 Pillars FM and the Practitioner cannot guarantee results. Rather, 4 Pillars FM provides a model that is based on a systematic approach that will allow members to take control of his/her health in order to achieve the results that are desired. 4 Pillars FM provides practitioners and mentors who have been trained in functional medicine and health coaching to help Members reach their own health goals by implementing positive, sustainable lifestyle changes. If the Member is under the care of another practitioner the Member should discuss any dietary changes or potential dietary supplements use with his/ her primary doctor if he/she desires, and should not discontinue any prescription medications without first consulting his or her prescribing doctor. Member recognizes this Agreement is not a guarantee of results and deals solely with the services to be rendered and the fees to be paid for the care as provided. The Member’s payment obligation is not contingent upon the outcome of care.
No Guarantee of Results. GFWC does not warrant or guaranty any particular results of the Convention, nor does it guaranty a particular number of attendees or exhibitors.
No Guarantee of Results. FIRST does not undertake responsibility, but shall endeavour for
No Guarantee of Results. Any testimonials or examples used by the Owner are not intended to represent or guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success in treating clients with GOLTECH® depends on many factors, including their background, skills and experience.
No Guarantee of Results. Although ARM will exercise its reasonable best efforts to propose Products which it believes in good faith will perform and sell as contemplated, ARM in no way warrants or guarantees that the GIC Product will sell, generate profits, or otherwise perform as set forth in any product proposal or in any other manner whatsoever. Except for any loss or damage caused by ARM's breach of any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement or by ARM's gross negligence or wilful misconduct in the performance of its duties, obligations, and services under this Agreement, ARM shall not be responsible or liable in any way for any loss or damage whatsoever which may be caused to Client or any of its Affiliates (i) by reason of any deviations or variations in results, performance, profitability or any other aspect from those set forth in any product proposal, (ii) by reason of the failure of the GIC Product or any other product to sell, generate profits or otherwise perform in any particular manner, or (iii) by reason of any changes in any applicable laws, regulations, rules, or procedures, including, but not limited to, any loss or damage whatsoever which may be caused by reason of any errors, deviations or variations in or from any of the various assumptions, estimates, actuarial computations, investment strategies or models used or adopted in connection with the design, development, implementation, operation or continuation of the GIC Product or any other product. Furthermore, ARM shall have no liability or responsibility for any loss, damage or expense caused to Client or any of its Affiliates by reason of any defects or [***] This material has been omitted pusuant to a request for confidential treatment filed with the SEC under Rule 406. The omitted material has been filed separately with the SEC. deficiencies in the form or substance of the GIC Product or any other product, regardless whether or not ARM coordinates or performs the drafting, registration or other activities with respect to the preparation and issuance of such product, unless due to ARM's gross negligence or wilful misconduct.