No Direct or Indirect Payments Sample Clauses

No Direct or Indirect Payments. Except as described in the Registration Statement, the Pricing Disclosure Package and the Prospectus, the Company has not made any direct or indirect payments (in cash, securities or any other “item of value” as defined in Rule 5110(c)(3) of FINRA’s Conduct Rules): (i) to any person, as a finder’s fee, consulting fee or otherwise, in consideration of such person raising capital for the Company or introducing to the Company persons who raised or provided capital to the Company; (ii) to any person that, to the Company’s knowledge, has been accepted by FINRA as a member of FINRA (a “Member”); or (iii) to any person or entity that, to the Company’s knowledge, has any direct or indirect affiliation or association with any Member, within the twelve months prior to the initial effective date of the Registration Statement, other than payments to the Underwriters pursuant to this Agreement.

Related to No Direct or Indirect Payments

  • Direct Payments (a) If any Lender, by exercising any right of setoff or counterclaim or otherwise, obtains any payment or other reduction that might result in such Lender receiving payment or other reduction of a proportion of the aggregate amount of its Advances and accrued interest thereon or other Obligations greater than its pro rata share thereof as provided herein, then the Lender receiving such payment or other reduction shall (a) notify the Agent of such fact, and (b) purchase (for cash at face value) participations in the Advances and such other Obligations of the other Lenders, or make such other adjustments as shall be equitable, so that the benefit of all such payments shall be shared by the Lenders rateably in accordance with the aggregate amount of principal of and accrued interest on their respective Advances and other amounts owing them, provided that:

  • Direct Payment Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement or the Notes, in the case of any Note owned by any Holder that is a Purchaser or any other Institutional Holder which has given written notice to the Company requesting that the provisions of this SECTION 2.5 shall apply, the Company will punctually pay when due the principal thereof, interest thereon and premium, if any, due with respect to said principal, without any presentment thereof, directly to such Holder at its address set forth in Schedule I hereto or such other address as such Holder may from time to time designate in writing to the Company or, if a bank account with a United States bank is so designated for such Holder on Schedule I hereto the Company will make such payments in immediately available funds to such bank account, marked for attention as indicated, or in such other manner or to such other account in any United States bank as such Holder may from time to time direct in writing.

  • Transfer to Affiliates For the avoidance of doubt, transfer of employment among the Company and any of its Affiliates shall not constitute a termination of employment for purposes of this Award.

  • No Ownership Interest Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to vest in Parent or Merger Sub any direct or indirect ownership or incidence of ownership of or with respect to any Shares. All rights, ownership and economic benefits of and relating to the Shares shall remain vested in and belong to Stockholder, and Parent and Merger Sub shall have no authority to manage, direct, superintend, restrict, regulate, govern, or administer any of the policies or operations of the Company or exercise any power or authority to direct Stockholder in the voting of any of the Shares, except as otherwise provided herein.

  • INCORPORATOR Christopher W. Pate, whose address is 750 East Pratt Street, Suite 900, Baltimore, Maryland 21202, being at least 18 years of age, formed a corporation under the general laws of the State of Maryland on September 10, 2019.

  • Indirect Political Event An Indirect Political Event shall mean one or more of the following acts or events:

  • No Relationship Landlord shall in no event be construed for any purpose to be a partner, joint venturer or associate of Tenant or of any subtenant, operator, concessionaire or licensee of Tenant with respect to the Property or any of the Other Leased Properties or otherwise in the conduct of their respective businesses.

  • Equity Interests Cause (i) 100% of the issued and outstanding Equity Interests of each Domestic Subsidiary and (ii) 66% (or such greater percentage that, due to a change in an applicable Law after the Closing Date, (A) could not reasonably be expected to cause the undistributed earnings of such Foreign Subsidiary as determined for United States federal income tax purposes to be treated as a deemed dividend to such Foreign Subsidiary’s United States parent and (B) could not reasonably be expected to cause any material adverse tax consequences) of the issued and outstanding Equity Interests entitled to vote (within the meaning of Treas. Reg. Section 1.956 2(c)(2)) and 100% of the issued and outstanding Equity Interests not entitled to vote (within the meaning of Treas. Reg. Section 1.956 2(c)(2)) in each Foreign Subsidiary directly owned by any Loan Party to be subject at all times to a first priority, perfected Lien in favor of the Administrative Agent pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Collateral Documents, and, in connection with the foregoing, deliver to the Administrative Agent such other documentation as the Administrative Agent may request including, any filings and deliveries to perfect such Liens and favorable opinions of counsel all in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.