No Construction Against Drafter Sample Clauses

No Construction Against Drafter. This Agreement has been negotiated and prepared by Seller and Purchaser and their respective attorneys and, should any provision of this Agreement require judicial interpretation, the court interpreting or construing such provision shall not apply the rule of construction that a document is to be construed more strictly against one party.
No Construction Against Drafter. No provision of this Agreement or any related document will be construed against or interpreted to the disadvantage of any party hereto by any court or other governmental or judicial authority by reason of such party having or being deemed to have structured or drafted such provision.
No Construction Against Drafter. The Agreement shall be construed without regard to any presumption or other rule requiring construction against the Party causing the drafting hereof.
No Construction Against Drafter. This Agreement was drafted jointly by the Parties and, in construing and interpreting this Agreement, no provision of this Agreement shall be construed or interpreted against any Party based upon the contention that this Agreement or a portion of it was purportedly drafted or prepared by that Party.
No Construction Against Drafter. Each of the parties has been represented by legal counsel who have had ample opportunity to, and have, participated in the drafting of this Agreement. Therefore, this Agreement shall not be construed more favorably or unfavorably against any party.
No Construction Against Drafter. This Agreement shall be deemed to have been drafted by the Parties, and any rule that a document shall be interpreted against the drafter shall not apply to this Agreement.
No Construction Against Drafter. This Agreement is a product of the negotiation and drafting of attorneys for the parties, and, as such, the rule of construing ambiguous contracts against the drafter shall not apply to this Agreement.
No Construction Against Drafter. Each party has participated in negotiating and drafting this Agreement, so if an ambiguity or a question of intent or interpretation arises, this Agreement is to be construed as if the parties had drafted it jointly, as opposed to being construed against a party because it was responsible for drafting one or more provisions of this Agreement.