Nicholas Sample Clauses

Nicholas. Applegate's obligation to continue its services with regard to the Funds; and (3) the obligations contained in Sections 4.2, 5, 7 and 9 and Schedules 4 and 6 hereof.
Nicholas. If mailed or telefaxed, the same shall not be deemed effective unless and until actually received by the party entitled thereto.
Nicholas. Applegate Securities, as distributor of the Trust, shall furnish, or shall cause to be furnished, to AICA, at least ten (10) Business Days prior to its use, a copy of each piece of sales literature or other promotional material that Adviser or Nicholas-Applegate Securities develops or proposes to use in connection with the sale of the Contracts. Such promotional, sales, advertising and training material shall be prepared and reviewed in light of all applicable laws, rules and regulations. All such material shall be approved in writing by AICA, and AICA agrees to respond to requests for such approval on a prompt and timely basis, not exceeding ten (10) Business Days for the initial review of such materials, and five (5) Business Days for any subsequent review of such materials.
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Nicholas at 197, and esp at 275-276 per Hayne J.
Nicholas. Applegate undertakes to promptly notify Fund of any change in its general partner(s). 17. The Fund agrees to obtain and maintain insurance coverage satisfying any insurance requirements under the 1940 Act, to carry errors and omissions coverage in the amount of $10,000,000. Yours very truly, JOHN HANCOCK INSTITUTIONAL SERIES TRUST on behalf of John Hancock International Equity Fund By ________________________ President The foregoing contract is hereby agreed to as of the date hereof. JOHN HANCOCK ADVISERS, INC. By: ______________________ President NICHOLAS-APPLEGATE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT By: ____________________________ Name: Title:
Nicholas. The Chase Manhattan Bank 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, 3rd Floor New York, New York 10081 Telephone: (212) 552-3165 Telecopy: (212) 552-1687 Attention: David R. D'Amico, Operations Officer PRICING SCHEDULE APPENDIX A EXHIBITS: A - Form of Note B - Form of Request for Extension of Credit C - Form of Assignment Agreement D - Form of Application E - Form of Rate Designation Notice SCHEDULES: I - Restricted and Unrestricted Subsidiaries II - Liens and Funded Debt III - Opinion of Andrews & Kurth L.L.P. IV - Opinion of Terry L. Anderson V - Subordination Provisions VI - Jurisdictions for which Certificates are to be Provided