NEXT DAY Sample Clauses

NEXT DAY. 2.1 The charges have a baseline for deliveries within Zone 1, for Delivery Next Day before 17:00 only. Deliveries to other zones and times will be the subject of the applicable surcharge.
NEXT DAY. If requirements specify “Next Day” of US Air Date, Sony may require an additional HDCAMSR master. This second master is only required if the original HDCAMSR master (as outlined above) cannot deliver minimum 5 days prior to US Air Date. If a “Next Day” master is required, please adhere to the following specs: One (1) HDCAMSR (1080/23.98p / 16x9 / OAR)
NEXT DAY. If an act under the Contract to be done by a party on or by a given day is done after 5.00pm (AEST time) on that day, it is taken to be done on the next day.

Related to NEXT DAY

  • Overnight Delivery When delivered by an overnight delivery service, charges prepaid or charged to the sender’s account, notice is effective on delivery, if delivery is confirmed by the delivery service.

  • Next Business Day Whenever any payment or other obligation hereunder shall be due on a day other than a Business Day, such payment shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day.

  • Usage for Voice Mail Message Service 6.1.2 Rated Incollects (originated in BellSouth and from other companies) can also be on Optional Daily Usage File. Rated Incollects will be intermingled with BellSouth recorded rated and unrated usage. Rated Incollects will not be packed separately.

  • Postal Interruption A Party to this Agreement will not mail a document it is required to mail under this Agreement if the Party is aware of an actual or impending disruption of postal service.

  • Overnight Trips In the event school owned buses are used to provide transportation services for overnight trips, the District shall employ school bus drivers from the bargaining unit subject to the conditions herein specified. The District will assign the driver to be scheduled for the overnight trip and will post notice of the assignment at least three (3) work days prior to the trip or as soon as possible if the trip was unanticipated. The opportunity to make overnight trips will be equalized. In the event no one accepts the assignment, the District may contract outside the bargaining unit for drivers and/or bus service. Drivers of overnight trips shall be guaranteed a minimum of eight (8) hours of pay for each day. No hours for regular runs will be allowed unless the driver actually drives part or all of his/her regular run on any of these days. The term "services as bus drivers", herein used, includes standby time during which the driver is required to be on duty on or near the vehicle assigned to him. The District shall promptly reimburse the driver for all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred during such runs or trips as indicated in the procedures manual.

  • Dispatch The Power Project shall be required to maintain compliance to the applicable Grid Code requirements and directions, if any, as specified by concerned SLDC/RLDC from time to time.

  • Personal Delivery When personally delivered to the recipient, notice is effective upon delivery.

  • Recognized The days listed below will be recognized by the Company as statutory holidays, regardless of any conflict between these holidays and those declared as statutory holidays by municipal, provincial or federal statutes. New Year's Day Civic Holiday Good Friday Labour Day Easter Monday Thanksgiving Day Victoria Day Christmas Day Canada Day Boxing Day When Canada Day falls on a Saturday it shall be observed on the following Monday. In the event that Boxing Day or New Year's Day falls on a Sunday, it shall be observed on Monday. Similarly, if Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, it shall be observed on Monday and Boxing Day on Tuesday. When Christmas falls on Tuesday, Boxing Day shall be observed on Monday. All regular and probationary employees shall be paid for statutory holidays. A statutory holiday falling within an employee's vacation period shall not be counted as part of his/her vacation but shall be taken as an extra day of holiday. Regular part-time employees will be entitled to statutory holiday pay provided that they:

  • Business Day For purposes of this Agreement, “

  • Postal Service The parties may designate substitute addresses where or persons to whom notices are to be mailed or delivered. However, these substitutions will not become effective until actual receipt of written notification.