Newco Group Payment Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Newco Group Payment Responsibilities 

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  • Client Responsibilities You are responsible for (a) assessing each participants’ suitability for the Training, (b) enrollment in the appropriate course(s) and (c) your participants’ attendance at scheduled courses.

  • Joint Responsibilities 2.1.1 University and Affiliate each will identify, and notify each other of, a person responsible for serving as its liaison during the course of this affiliation. The appointment of liaisons shall be subject to mutual approval of the parties.

  • Student Responsibilities University shall notify students in the program that they are responsible for:

  • Management Responsibilities The exclusive representative recognizes the right and obligation of the School Board to efficiently manage and conduct the operation of the School District within its legal limitations and with its primary obligation to provide educational opportunity for the students of the School District.

  • Development Responsibilities From and after the Effective Date, BMS shall assume sole responsibility for the Development of Compounds and Products in the Field in the Territory during the Term at its own cost and expense (including responsibility for all funding, resourcing and decision-making, subject to Sections 3.3 and 3.4), except with respect to the performance by Ambrx of the Research Program activities assigned to Ambrx pursuant to the Research Plan and as otherwise may be agreed upon by the Parties in writing. BMS, by itself or through its Affiliates and Sublicensees, shall use Diligent Efforts to Develop a Compound or Product in the Field in accordance with the Development Plan for the purpose of obtaining a Regulatory Approval in each Major Market. For clarity, it is understood and acknowledged that Diligent Efforts in the Development of Compounds and Products may include sequential implementation of Clinical Trials and/or intervals between Clinical Trials for data interpretation and clinical program planning and approval.

  • Provider Responsibilities Except as otherwise noted in this Agreement, PROVIDER shall provide, at its expense, all materials, labor, equipment, facilities and other items necessary to deliver the Services. Subject to Section 6.3 herein, all employees performing the Services shall be skilled in their trades and licensed, if required, by all proper authorities.

  • Payment Responsibility Payment of all charges will be the responsibility of OneTone. OneTone shall pay invoices by utilizing wire transfer services or automatic clearing house services. OneTone shall make payment to BellSouth for all services billed including disputed amounts. BellSouth will not become involved in billing disputes that may arise between OneTone and OneTone’s End User.

  • ALPS’ Responsibilities In connection with its performance of TA IVR, ALPS shall:

  • Resident Responsibilities 7. The Resident will:

  • Client Responsibility For clarity, the parties agree that in reviewing the documents referred to in clause (b) above, Patheon’s role will be limited to verifying the accuracy of the description of the work undertaken or to be undertaken by Patheon. Subject to the foregoing, Patheon will not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of any application for receipt of an approval by a Regulatory Authority. The Client is solely responsible for the preparation and filing of the application for approval by the Regulatory Authority and any relevant costs will be borne by the Client.