NEW CASE EQUIPMENT. The purchase price for the New Case Equipment as set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto.
NEW CASE EQUIPMENT. The purchase and sale of the items of New Case Equipment listed on Exhibit A shall be governed by Seller's standard terms for new equipment as reflected in Seller's Schedule of Discounts and Terms for the particular item involved.
NEW CASE EQUIPMENT. Western is assuming Yukon's existing flooring obligations on New Case Equipment in the amount of $2,378,352.00 with the difference paid in cash.


  • Office Equipment The Employer will attempt to supply reasonable and adequate office equipment (to include work stations) and will consult with the COPE employees prior to purchasing and introducing new or upgraded equipment for the office. It shall be the Employer's responsibility to ensure that all office equipment meets all WCB and Federal Government safety standards. Upon employee request, on an annual basis all equipment shall be tested to ensure it meets the safety standard (to include VDT equipment for radiation emissions and screen clarity). The Employer shall provide instruction in the safe and proper usage of all office equipment The Employer shall ensure that employees operating VDTs continuously shall have a ten (10) minute change of duty in each hour of continuous operation.

  • Capital Equipment Collaborator’s commitment, if any, to provide ICD with capital equipment to enable the research and development activities under the Research Plan appears in Appendix B. If Collaborator transfers to ICD the capital equipment or provides funds for ICD to purchase it, then ICD will own the equipment. If Collaborator loans capital equipment to ICD for use during the CRADA, Collaborator will be responsible for paying all costs and fees associated with the transport, installation, maintenance, repair, removal, or disposal of the equipment, and ICD will not be liable for any damage to the equipment.

  • New Equipment In the event of the introduction of new equipment for use in the Editorial departments covered by this Agreement or replacing equipment currently being used by bargaining unit employees, the Employer will give the Union thirty (30) days' notice. Present employees will be given up to three (3) months' training in order to become proficient on the new equipment.

  • Eligible Equipment 12.5.1 CLEC may Collocate equipment used for Interconnection or access to CBT's Network Elements including, but not limited to, the following types of equipment:

  • Office Space, Equipment and Facilities Furnish without cost to the Fund, or pay the cost of, such office space, office equipment and office facilities as are adequate for the needs of the Fund;

  • Protective Equipment 21.01 All employees shall wear safety hats to be made available by the Employer.

  • Leased Equipment Schedule 3.16(h) hereto contains a list of all leases or other agreements, whether written or oral, under which the Company is lessee of or holds or operates any items of machinery, equipment, motor vehicles, furniture and fixtures or other property (other than real property) owned by any third party (collectively, the "LEASED EQUIPMENT").

  • Rental Equipment 7.1 We will at all times own all Rental Equipment supplied to you. You will not let, sell, charge, assign, sub-license or allow a third party to use the Rental Equipment nor remove any labels, and shall not prejudice our rights in the Rental Equipment in any way. We may replace the Rental Equipment from time to time either with your prior consent or provided that the replacement Rental Equipment is of a specification that is at least equal to the Rental Equipment originally supplied and such change does not materially disrupt the provision of the Services.

  • Equipment The Fund shall obtain and maintain at its own cost and expense all equipment and services, including but not limited to communications services, necessary for it to utilize the Software and obtain access to the System, and Custodian shall not be responsible for the reliability or availability of any such equipment or services.

  • Additional Equipment Additional Equipment may from time to time be added as the subject matter of this Agreement as agreed on by the parties. Any additional property will be added in an amendment describing the property, the monthly rental, security deposit, and stipulated loss value of the additional Equipment. All amendments must be in writing and signed by both parties. Other than by this amendment procedure, this Agreement may not be amended, modified, or altered in any manner except in writing signed by both parties.