New Borrowing Base Notice Sample Clauses

New Borrowing Base Notice. This Section 3.2 constitutes a New Borrowing Base Notice in accordance with Section 2.07 of the Credit Agreement with respect to each Borrowing Base adjustment made pursuant to a Sale of each of the Oil and Gas Properties set forth above in Sections 3.2(b)(1)-(6) to the extent such Sale occurs prior to October 1, 2017.
New Borrowing Base Notice. On or prior to the Closing Date, the Company shall have received the New Borrowing Base Notice (as defined in the Credit Agreement) setting forth the redetermined Borrowing Base (as defined in the Credit Agreement) in an amount of no less than $1.0 billion (such amount to be further and automatically reduced on the Closing Date by $125.0 million as a result of the issuance of the Securities).

Related to New Borrowing Base Notice

Initial Borrowing Base For the period from and including the Closing Date to but excluding the first Redetermination Date, the amount of the Borrowing Base shall be $2,250,000,000. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Borrowing Base may be subject to further adjustments from time to time pursuant to Section 2.14(e), (f) and (g).
Borrowing Base Redetermination Pursuant to Section 2.07, the Administrative Agent and the Lenders agree that for the period from and including the First Amendment Effective Date to but excluding the next Redetermination Date, the amount of the Borrowing Base shall be equal to $450,000,000. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Borrowing Base may be subject to further adjustments from time to time pursuant to Section 2.07(e), Section 2.07(f) or Section 8.12(c). For the avoidance of doubt, the redetermination herein shall constitute the April 1, 2017 Scheduled Redetermination and the next Scheduled Redetermination shall be the October 1, 2017 Scheduled Redetermination.
Borrowing Base Report The Agent shall have received from the Borrower the initial Borrowing Base Report dated as of the Closing Date.
Initial Borrowing Base Certificate Duly executed originals of an initial Borrowing Base Certificate from Borrower, dated the Closing Date, reflecting information concerning Eligible Accounts and Eligible Inventory of Borrower as of a date not more than seven (7) days prior to the Closing Date.
Borrowing Base Agent shall have received evidence from Borrowers that the aggregate amount of Eligible Receivables and Eligible Inventory is sufficient in value and amount to support Advances in the amount requested by Borrowers on the Closing Date;
Borrowing Base Reports Within thirty (30) days after the last day of each month, aged listings of accounts receivable and accounts payable (by invoice date) (the “Borrowing Base Reports”);
Effectiveness of a Redetermined Borrowing Base After a redetermined Borrowing Base is approved or is deemed to have been approved by all of the Lenders or the Required Lenders, as applicable, pursuant to Section 2.07(c)(iii), the Administrative Agent shall notify the Borrower and the Lenders of the amount of the redetermined Borrowing Base (the “New Borrowing Base Notice”), and such amount shall become the new Borrowing Base, effective and applicable to the Borrower, the Administrative Agent, the Issuing Bank and the Lenders:
Borrowing/Election Notice The Borrower shall give the Administrative Agent an irrevocable Borrowing/Election Notice of each conversion of a Floating Rate Loan into a Eurodollar Rate Loan or continuation of a Eurodollar Rate Loan not later than 11:00 a.m. (Chicago time) three (3) Business Days prior to the date of the requested conversion or continuation, specifying: (i) the requested date (which shall be a Business Day) of such conversion or continuation; (ii) the amount and Type of the Loan to be converted or continued; and (iii) the amount of Eurodollar Rate Loan(s) into which such Loan is to be converted or continued, and the duration of the Interest Period applicable thereto.
Borrowing Base Determination (a) The Borrower shall conduct, or shall cause to be conducted, at its expense, and upon request of the Agent, and shall present to the Agent for approval, such appraisals, investigations and reviews as the Agent shall reasonably request for the purpose of confirming the Borrowing Base, all upon reasonable notice and at such reasonable times during normal business hours and as often as may be reasonably requested. The Borrower shall furnish to the Agent any information which the Agent may reasonably request regarding the determination and calculation of the Borrowing Base including, without limitation, correct and complete copies of any invoices, underlying agreements, instruments or other documents and the identity of all obligors.
Borrowing Notice The Borrower shall deliver to the Agent and the Swing Line Lender irrevocable notice (a "Swing Line Borrowing Notice") not later than noon (Chicago time) on the Borrowing Date of each Swing Line Loan, specifying (i) the applicable Borrowing Date (which date shall be a Business Day), and (ii) the aggregate amount of the requested Swing Line Loan which shall be an amount not less than $100,000. The Swing Line Loans shall bear interest at the Floating Rate.