National Representatives Sample Clauses

National Representatives. The Union shall have the right at any time to have the assistance of representatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees when dealing or negotiating with the Employer. With advance notice being given to the Employer, the representatives shall have access to the Employers premises to meet with the Union and/or the Employer.
National Representatives. Albania Representative: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Address: L1, Rr “Xxxx Xxxxxxxx” X0, X0, Xxxxxxx, XX, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Representative: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Address: 0 Xxxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxx 0000, Xxxxxxxxx Ethiopia Representative: Xxxxx Xxxxxx Address: Xxxxx Xxxxx 00000, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Representative: Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Address: 00 Xxxxx xx Xxxxxxx, Xx Xxxxxxxx 00000, Xxxxxx Italy Representative: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Address: Xxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000, Xxxxx Xxxxxx Representative: Juris Tuns Address: 0 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxx 0, Xxxx, XX-0000, Xxxxxx Liberia Representative: Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Address: Xxxx Xxxxx Drive, Paynesville, Montserado, Liberia Malaysia Representative: Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Address: 00 Xxxxx XX0/00, 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx Mexico Representative: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Address: Plaza de los Balcones 27, Col. Jardines xxx Xxx, Xxxxxx Xxxx, XXX 00000, Xxxxxx Nepal Representative: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Address: Xxxxxxxx-00, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 000, Xxxxx New Zealand Representative: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Address: 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 0000, New Zealand Nigeria Representative: Samson Oluwadamilare Address: 00 Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxx 10, Oke-Arungbo Community, Osogbo, OS +234, Nigeria Norway Representative: Ole Kristian Sameien Address: Krystallvegen 10, Xxxxx 00 0000, Xxxxxx Portugal Representative: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Address: Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, 000, 00Xxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000000, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Representative: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Address: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xx 0, Xxxxxxxxx 000000, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Representative: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Address: 00 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Glenashley, Durban 4051, South Africa Sweden Representative: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Address: Ubbalt 4057, Xxxxxxx, 00000, Xxxxxx Trinidad & Tobago Representative: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Address: 00 Xxx Xxxxxx, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Venezuela Representative: Xxxxx Xxxxx Address: Calle 22 Qta. Los Pilotes. Montaban I, Caracas 1020, Venezuela Zimbabwe Representative: Xxxxxx Xxxx Rambakudzibga Xxxxx Address: 0 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx - Rest of page is left intentionally blank -
National Representatives. On notice from the Union, the Employer will recognize representatives of the Union’s National Office. The Union shall provide notice to the Employer of visits to be made by representatives of the National Office.
National Representatives. 7.01 The Employer shall recognize the following Union representations:
National Representatives of the Union may participate in any such meetings at the request of either of the parties.
National Representatives. National representatives of the Union may be granted access to Agency premises for the following reasons and subject to the conditions stated below:

Related to National Representatives

  • Association Representatives The Association shall promptly notify the Employer, in writing, the names of those persons who have been authorized to act on its behalf and the authority of each such person, which notice shall remain in effect until superseded by a new written notice.

  • Designated Representatives (a) With the delivery of this Agreement, the Subordination Agent shall furnish to each Liquidity Provider and each Trustee, and from time to time thereafter may furnish to each Liquidity Provider and each Trustee, at the Subordination Agent’s discretion, or upon any Liquidity Provider’s or any Trustee’s request (which request shall not be made more than one time in any 12-month period), a certificate (a “Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate”) of a Responsible Officer of the Subordination Agent certifying as to the incumbency and specimen signatures of the officers of the Subordination Agent and the attorney-in-fact and agents of the Subordination Agent (the “Subordination Agent Representatives”) authorized to give Written Notices on behalf of the Subordination Agent hereunder. Until each Liquidity Provider and each Trustee receives a subsequent Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate, it shall be entitled to rely on the last Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate delivered to it hereunder.

  • Union Representatives Upon mutual agreement of the parties, the number may be altered from time to time. Where a Union Representative commences on an extended leave of absence, the Union will endeavour to find a temporary replacement for the Union Representative from within the Home.

  • Nurse Representatives The Employer agrees to recognize two (2) Nurse Representatives for the purpose of dealing with grievances and conducting Union interviews.

  • List of Union Representatives The Union agrees to provide and maintain an up-to-date list of all Union Representatives (including Union Stewards, Union Executive, Grievance Committee, Labour/Management Committee and Negotiating Committee) to the Director of Human Resources or designate.

  • Visits by Union Representatives 9 The County agrees that accredited representatives of the American Federation of 10 State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, whether local Union representatives, 11 Staff Representatives, or International representatives, upon reasonable and proper 12 introduction, shall have reasonable access to the premises of the County at any time 13 during working hours to conduct Union business. The Union agrees that such visits will 14 cause no disruptions or interruptions of work.

  • Grievance Representatives The UFF shall annually furnish to the University a list of all persons authorized to act as grievance representatives and shall update the list as needed. The UFF grievance representative shall have the responsibility to meet all classes, office hours, and other duties and responsibilities incidental to the assigned workload. Some of these activities are scheduled to be performed at particular times. Such representative shall have the right during times outside of those hours scheduled for these activities to investigate, consult, and prepare grievance presentations and attend grievance hearings and meetings. However, such investigations and consultations will not interfere with the normal operations of the University. Should any grievance hearings or meetings necessitate rescheduling of assigned duties, the representative may, with the approval of the appropriate administrator, arrange for the fulfillment of such duties. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

  • – UNION COMMITTEES AND REPRESENTATIVES 6.01 The Employer will recognize the following:

  • Staff Representatives A. The Union will provide the Employer with a written list of staff representatives and the bargaining unit for which they are responsible. The Union will provide written notice to the Employer of any changes within thirty (30) calendar days of the changes.