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  • Cooperation on forestry matters and environmental protection 1. The aims of cooperation on forestry matters and environmental protection will be, but not limited to, as follows: (a) establishing bilateral cooperation relations in the forestry sector; (b) developing a training program and studies for sustainable management of forests; (c) improving the rehabilitation and sustainable management of forest with the aim of increasing carbon sinks and reduce the impact of climate change in the Asia-Pacific region; (d) cooperating on the execution of national projects, aimed at: improving the management of forest plantations for its transformation for industrial purposes and environmental protection; (e) elaborating studies on sustainable use of timber; (f) developing new technologies for the transformation and processing of timber and non-timber species; and (g) improving cooperation in agro-forestry technologies. 2. To achieve the objectives of the Article 149 (Objectives), the Parties may focus, as a means of cooperation and negotiations on concluding a bilateral agreement on forestry cooperation between the two Parties. Such collaboration will be as follows: (a) exchanges on science and technology as well as policies and laws relating the sustainable use of forest resources; (b) cooperation in training programs, internships, exchange of experts and projects advisory; (c) advice and technical assistance to public institutions and organizations of the Parties on sustainable use of forest resources and environmental protection; (d) facilitating forest policy dialogue and technical cooperation under the Network of Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Rehabilitation in Asia- Pacific Region, initiated at the 15th Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Meeting; (e) encouraging joint studies, working visits, exchange of experiences, among others; and (f) others activities mutually agreed.

  • Human and Financial Resources to Implement Safeguards Requirements 8. The Borrower shall cause NPT to make available necessary budgetary and human resources to fully implement the EMP and the RP.

  • Provisions for Covered Entity to Inform Business Associate of Privacy Practices and Restrictions (a) Covered Entity shall notify Business Associate of any limitation(s) in the notice of privacy practices of Covered Entity under 45 CFR 164.520, to the extent that such limitation may affect Business Associate’s use or disclosure of protected health information.

  • Access to Information; Cooperation The RemainCo Group, the SpinCo Group, and their authorized agents shall be given reasonable and timely access to and may take copies of all information relating to the subjects of this Agreement (to the extent not prohibited by applicable Law) in the custody of the other Party, including any agent, contractor, subcontractor, or any other person or entity under the contract of such Party. The Parties shall provide one another with such information within the scope of this Agreement as is reasonably necessary to administer each Party’s Plans or take the actions required of such Party under this Agreement. The Parties shall cooperate with each other to minimize the disruption caused by any such access and providing of information.

  • CERTIFICATION PROHIBITING DISCRIMINATION AGAINST FIREARM AND AMMUNITION INDUSTRIES (Texas law as of September 1, 2021) By submitting a proposal to this Solicitation, you certify that you agree, when it is applicable, to the following required by Texas law as of September 1, 2021: If (a) company is not a sole proprietorship; (b) company has at least ten (10) full-time employees; (c) this contract has a value of at least $100,000 that is paid wholly or partly from public funds; (d) the contract is not excepted under Tex. Gov’t Code § 2274.003 of SB 19 (87th leg.); and (e) governmental entity has determined that company is not a sole-source provider or governmental entity has not received any bids from a company that is able to provide this written verification, the following certification shall apply; otherwise, this certification is not required. Pursuant to Tex. Gov’t Code Ch. 2274 of SB 19 (87th session), the company hereby certifies and verifies that the company, or association, corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or limited liability company, including a wholly owned subsidiary, majority-owned subsidiary parent company, or affiliate of these entities or associations, that exists to make a profit, does not have a practice, policy, guidance, or directive that discriminates against a firearm entity or firearm trade association and will not discriminate during the term of this contract against a firearm entity or firearm trade association. For purposes of this contract, “discriminate against a firearm entity or firearm trade association” shall mean, with respect to the entity or association, to: “(1) refuse to engage in the trade of any goods or services with the entity or association based solely on its status as a firearm entity or firearm trade association; (2) refrain from continuing an existing business relationship with the entity or association based solely on its status as a firearm entity or firearm trade association; or (3) terminate an existing business relationship with the entity or association based solely on its status as a firearm entity or firearm trade association. See Tex. Gov’t Code § 2274.001(3) of SB 19. “Discrimination against a firearm entity or firearm trade association” does not include: “(1) the established policies of a merchant, retail seller, or platform that restrict or prohibit the listing or selling of ammunition, firearms, or firearm accessories; and (2) a company’s refusal to engage in the trade of any goods or services, decision to refrain from continuing an existing business relationship, or decision to terminate an existing business relationship to comply with federal, state, or local law, policy, or regulations or a directive by a regulatory agency, or for any traditional business reason that is specific to the customer or potential customer and not based solely on an entity’s or association’s status as a firearm entity or firearm trade association.” See Tex. Gov’t Code § 2274.001(3) of SB 19.

  • Access to Financial Information Buyer’s representatives shall have access to, and Seller and its Affiliates shall cooperate with Buyer and furnish upon request, all financial and other information relating to the Hotel’s operations to the extent necessary to enable Buyer’s representatives to prepare audited financial statements in conformity with Regulation S-X of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) and other applicable rules and regulations of the SEC and to enable them to prepare a registration statement, report or disclosure statement for filing with the SEC on behalf of Buyer or its Affiliates, whether before or after Closing and regardless of whether such information is included in the Records to be transferred to Buyer hereunder. Seller shall also provide to Buyer’s representative a signed representation letter in form and substance reasonably acceptable to Seller sufficient to enable an independent public accountant to render an opinion on the financial statements related to the Hotel. Buyer will reimburse Seller for costs reasonably incurred by Seller to comply with the requirements of the preceding sentence to the extent that Seller is required to incur costs not in the ordinary course of business for third parties to provide such representation letters. The provisions of this Section shall survive Closing or termination of this Contract.

  • Certification of Funds; Budget and Fiscal Provisions; Termination in the Event of Non-Appropriation This Agreement is subject to the budget and fiscal provisions of the City’s Charter. Charges will accrue only after prior written authorization certified by the Controller, and the amount of City’s obligation hereunder shall not at any time exceed the amount certified for the purpose and period stated in such advance authorization. This Agreement will terminate without penalty, liability or expense of any kind to City at the end of any fiscal year if funds are not appropriated for the next succeeding fiscal year. If funds are appropriated for a portion of the fiscal year, this Agreement will terminate, without penalty, liability or expense of any kind at the end of the term for which funds are appropriated. City has no obligation to make appropriations for this Agreement in lieu of appropriations for new or other agreements. City budget decisions are subject to the discretion of the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors. Contractor’s assumption of risk of possible non-appropriation is part of the consideration for this Agreement. THIS SECTION CONTROLS AGAINST ANY AND ALL OTHER PROVISIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT.

  • Secure Information Handling and Transfers 7.1 Physical and electronic handling, processing and transferring of DWP Data, including secure access to systems and the use of encryption where appropriate.

  • RELEASE OF GENERAL INFORMATION TO THE PUBLIC AND MEDIA NASA or Partner may, consistent with Federal law and this Agreement, release general information regarding its own participation in this Agreement as desired. Pursuant to Section 841(d) of the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017, Public Law 115-10 (the "NTAA"), NASA is obligated to publicly disclose copies of all agreements conducted pursuant to NASA's 51 U.S.C. §20113(e) authority in a searchable format on the NASA website within 60 days after the agreement is signed by the Parties. The Parties acknowledge that a copy of this Agreement will be disclosed, without redactions, in accordance with the NTAA.

  • Access to Information Concerning Properties and Records During the period commencing on the date hereof and ending on the Closing Date, the Company shall, and shall cause each of its Subsidiaries to, upon reasonable notice, afford EMKT and Top Team, and their respective counsel, accountants and other authorized representatives, full access during normal business hours to the properties, books and records of the Company and its Subsidiaries in order that they may have the opportunity to make such investigations as they shall desire of the affairs of the Company and its Subsidiaries; such investigation shall not, however, affect the representations and warranties made by the Company in this Agreement. The Company acknowledges and agrees that Top Team's auditors will be performing an audit of the Company's financial statements (the "AUDIT"), and will provide all information and documents and cooperate in any way so as to permit the Audit to be completed promptly. The Company agrees to cause its officers and employees to furnish such additional financial and operating data and other information and respond to such inquiries as EMKT and Top Team shall from time to time request.