Money Market Fund Sample Clauses

Money Market Fund. The Company acknowledges and agrees that the Trust’s failure to maintain a constant net asset value per share for the Money Market Fund Class of Trust Shares, as contemplated by Section 4.17 of this Agreement, will not give rise to a material irreconcilable material conflict between the interests of Contract Owners or any class of Contract Owners and the interests of any other class of Product Owners, or Product Owners generally.
Money Market Fund. The Company acknowledges and agrees that Contract Owners will suffer no financial loss or other harm in the event that the Trust Board determines to temporarily or permanently use market values rather than the amortized cost value to value the assets of the Trust’s Money Market Fund, thereby preventing the Trust from maintaining a constant net asset value per share for the Money Market Fund Class of Trust Shares.
Money Market Fund. The Cash Sweep Vehicle for ineligible accounts will be a taxable Money Market Fund. The Money Market Funds offered in the Cash Sweep Program may include those for which an affiliate of our Clearing Firm provides investment management and other services, including the Xxxxx Fargo Money Market Funds. Prior to, or at the same time your available funds are first swept into an available Money Market Fund, you will be furnished with the appropriate prospectus, which should be read carefully. Mutual fund companies typically offer multiple share classes with different levels of fees and expenses. When selecting the share class for the Money Market Fund used as a Cash Sweep Vehicle, we do not, in all instances, select the share class with the lowest fees that is available from the fund company and these decisions are influenced by the additional compensation we receive. The selection of a more expensive share class of a Money Market Fund used as a Cash Sweep Vehicle will negatively impact your overall investment returns. Prior to the receipt of your signed account documents, cash deposited into your Account and not otherwise invested will be held as a free credit balance and not placed in the Cash Sweep Program until written consent is provided to participate in the Cash Sweep Program. Except for retirement accounts, while any cash remains in free credit balance, you will not earn any interest on such balance. When you open your Account, or you select an ineligible Cash Sweep Vehicle, your Cash Sweep Vehicle will be, and any cash balances transferred to, the Expanded Bank Deposit Sweep if you are eligible (if not, your Cash Sweep Vehicle will be (and any cash balances transferred to) the Standard Bank Deposit Sweep, or an available Money Market Fund selected by us). If you wish to specify a different Cash Sweep Vehicle, if available for your Account type, you may do so at any time by instructing your Advisor to notify us of the Cash Sweep Vehicle you wish to choose for your Account. Existing balances in your prior Cash Sweep Vehicle will be automatically transferred to the new Cash Sweep Vehicle you select. How the Sweep Program Works: On each business day available cash balances will be automatically swept into the Cash Sweep Vehicle for your account. Shares or cash held in your Cash Sweep Vehicle will be automatically redeemed in order to settle a transaction, serve as collateral for a margin loan or short sale, or satisfy any other obligations. Timing of Credits...
Money Market Fund. Subject to what option is available to Client (as visible on the WebTrader), when Client chooses the use of Money Market Fund via the WebTrader, Client gives DEGIRO a standing Order to invest all money, which is transferred by Client to the Central Account or that is received for example due to a sales transaction, directly for the account and risk of Client in a Money Market Fund. Further information regarding this way of holding liquidity is provided in the document Investment Services in the Investment Services Information. Further information regarding the several Money Market Funds that clients of DEGIRO can invest in with the standing Order, is provided in the document Investment Funds in the Investment Services Information. Similarly, Client hereby gives a standing Order to DEGIRO to sell as many units of the Money Market Fund in the applicable currency as is necessary to fulfil the payment obligations of Client to DEGIRO or SPV or to perform the transfer of money as instructed by Client.
Money Market Fund. ANNUAL NET ASSETS RATE ---------- ------ First $250 million...................................................................................... 0.40% Over $250 million....................................................................................... 0.35%
Money Market Fund. 20% of the first $50,000,000, .20% between $50,000,000 and $200,000,000, .20% between $200,000,000 and $500,000,000 and .145% on the excess over $500,000,000 of the average net assets of the Fund.
Money Market Fund. NET ASSETS ANNUAL RATE ---------- ----------- First $250 million ..... 0.40% Over $250 million ...... 0.35%
Money Market Fund. The Money Market Fund consists of 100% cash and cash equivalents. This vehicle can be used for 100% of a fund’s assets, usually in cases when immediate or near-term grant recommendations will be incurred, or in conjunction with any of the other options. A minimum of 10% of each fund’s balance must be allocated to the Money Market Fund.
Money Market Fund. Any money market fund that has minimum net assets of $500 million and an average portfolio maturity of not more than 180 days.
Money Market Fund. Pursuant to Section 2.5, above, the First American Funds money market fund designated for this Account shall be (check one – if none is checked, the Customer hereby directs that the First American Prime Obligations Fund shall be designated): Taxable Money Market Funds