Monarchy or Republic? Sample Clauses

Monarchy or Republic?. As for the Referendum of June 2, 1946, it was indeed a clear- cut break with the past. The Italian people put an end to the Monarchy that had been involved with the fascist regime and chose to establish a democratic republic. But here, too, a proper understanding of this historical fact requires careful interpretation. In reality, the referendum can hardly be considered “revolutionary”, since it was the outcome of an agreement among government parties, and not the result of an uprising. The agreement was then adopted by an act of the royal regency and is usually referred to as “provisional constitution”35. The number of votes in favor of the Republic did not amount to an overwhelming majority: the republic gained 12,717,923 and the monarchy 10,719,284, so that the difference was about two million votes. However, 1.498.136 votes were invalid. The votes in favor of the Monarchy came mostly from the south of the country; 34My translation from Alcide De Gasperi, Linee programmatiche delle Democrazia Cristiana, National Secretary’s address at the I Congress of the Christian Democrat Party, April 24-28, 1946, http://s3-eu-west- %201cong%2046/Popolo%20Icongresso%2046/De%20Gasperi.pdf: «Non temo la parola rivoluzione, ma ne ho piuttosto fastidio dopo venti anni che il fascismo, richiamandosi ai diritti della rivoluzione, ha commesso tante soperchierie e violato i diritti dei cittadini. A ogni modo la vera rivoluzione è la Costituente. […] I democratici cristiani sono per la soluzione democratica […]. [L]a parola Costituente non è venuta più tardi, ma è nata nel conflitto d'allora ed è nata soprattutto come tendenza democratica contro velleità di carattere insurrezionale […]. La nostra opera di Governo, che seguì fra scogli e difficoltà diverse, ha portato ad assicurare la Costituente nell'accordo stesso delle parti in causa e ad introdurre anche il referendum».

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