MMDFX may act on instructions MMDFX可以按照指令操作 Sample Clauses

MMDFX may act on instructions MMDFX可以按照指令操作. You confirm that we are authorised to act without further enquiry on instructions given or purported to be given by you or your Attorney by facsimile, mail, email or other electronic means of transmission including through your Account on the MMDFX website regarding Contracts and payments, including payment to third party beneficiaries. To the maximum extent permitted by law, our records will be conclusive evidence of such instructions, and we are entitled to act on any such instructions (including instructions given via the MMDFX’ online trading platform) without further enquiry.你确认我们已获授权,在不进一步询问其指令及其目的的情况下,根据你或你的律师以传真、邮件、电子邮件或其他电子方式传送的指示完成包括您在 MMDFX 账户合约交易及支付的指令,包括向第三方受益人的支付。在法律允许的最大范围内,我们的记录将是这类指令的确凿证据, 我们有权对任何此类指令(包括通过MMDFX 的在线交易平台提供的指令)采取行动, 而无需进一步询问。